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A couple more things

Oops, I left out a couple of things from my previous post. Firstly, when I returned from Singapore, my RR was waiting for me at the office. All three ladies -- Mady, Harmien and Annemarie -- did a spectacular job on my RR, I couldn't have been happier. No pictures yet, because shockingly, my own part on it isn't complete yet! LOL. So yeah, I'll get to it, hopefully soon, and when I'm ready, I will post up some pictures!

But anyway, that's not the main point. When Annemarie mailed my RR home to me, she included the most lovely gift ever. I did send her and the others a note to say that I had received my RR and to thank her for the gift, but I never shared about it on my blog. You may have already seen it on Annemarie's blog, but I think it's still necessary to post it here to express my thanks and to say how much I do love it! An Annemarie floss fob original and I was lucky enough to receive one. So once again, a big thank you to you, Annemarie, so sorry I couldn't give it the reaction it deserved when I first received it!

The other thing that I forgot is that I purchased the most adorable needlework magnets from The Silver Needle! I have been wanting to get more magnets but somehow just never got round to it. Then I saw that The Silver Needle had the cutest magnets and I just had to place an order. Currently, they are just decorating my fridge at the moment, but I am sure I will be putting them to good use soon! Although, I reckon the 'Break in Case of Emergency' one will probably be used for decorative purposes only! Anyway, here's a pic of the ones that I got:

Okie dokes, that's it from me. I'm off to make some pumpkin soup -- I don't want to be boastful, but I love my homemade pumpkin soup and it's the perfect remedy for such a cold Melbourne day!

Awww, you're welcome Eileen. It was a pleasure stitching this for you. I felt so bad about the RR tking so long to reach you. AND of course I wanted to stitch you a congratualtory gift because of your upcoming nuptials...

The Annemarie special floss fob is spectacular :) That Annemarie is a sweetheart.
Hope your pumpkin soup was delicious!

That fob is gorgeous. I LOVE the personalization on the back! Glad to see you back in blogland, Eileen!!

very nice! I like the break in case of emergency one. :)

I love annemarie's floss fobs! Beautiful! Great magnets too

Welcome back! I'm glad you've been doing well. This floss fob is beautiful.

The needleminders are really cute!

The floss fob is just gorgeous! Annemarie does such beautiful work!

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