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Six weird things about me

Okay, it took me a while to post this after I got tagged by Mercy and Meari. Here are the six weird things about me:

1. I have no toenails. Okay, that's a gross exaggeration, but I do have very stunted toenails, which is why I never bother with painting them (or fingernails, for that matter of fact). My little toes do have no toenails, they only grow this weird twisted grayish thing about 0.1cm long, which always annoy me so I cut them off, so voila, no toenails! Only flesh left. My sister only realised this a few years ago and she thought it was the weirdest thing ever, so I figured this counts as Weird Thing #1. Oh, and my second toe is the longest, but I don't think it's weird, my sister has that too. I think we got it from our dad.

2. I don't wear make-up - no foundation, blusher, lipstick, blusher, mascara etc. Absolutely nothing. The only times I have had make-up on is at my sister's wedding, where she made the make-up artist do something for me; at my graduation ceremony, when my sister made me put on lipstick so I would have some colour in photos; and at my job interview so I looked a bit more presentable, which surprise surprise, was also my sister's suggestion. The only make-up item I own is some lip gloss thingy which my friend gave as a birthday present which she figured would come in handy once I started work, only I never bothered with the make-up! I guess it's not that weird, but a lot of people find it amazing that at 26 years old, I never walk around with a painted face, even if I'm going to some big event or something.

3. I like to smell my dogs' paws. LOL. And no, I do not have a foot fetish or something. My dogs get this sleepy smell when they're sleeping, and I love hugging them and sniffing them because they smell so different from normal, and because they're normally lying on their backs, I also end up smelling their paws and the smell is strongest from their paws. I hope I don't gross people out too much - really, I'm not a crazy person! *grin*

4. Speaking about smelling things, I like to sniff my food before eating something, usually when I'm trying something new. It's like a little trial run before it ends up in my mouth. I don't think it's that weird, but my dad seems to think I'm like a dog, and he always tells me to stuff it in my mouth, but I'm not eating something unless it smells okay!

5. I talk to myself. That's pretty common, I suppose, but I don't have an existing conversation with myself, I start talking about something completely random and unrelated to me, sometimes with different accents or whatever, and sometimes I don't even realise it until Terrence goes, "What are you doing?" LOL. I'm not sure why I do it, maybe I like the sound of my voice?

6. I'm definitely no English professor or writer, and I'm sure I make my fair share of mistakes, but basic grammatical errors irk me, especially from e-mails at work sent by well-paid executives who should know the difference between its and it's, and your and you're! Or worse, from journalists. I once saw these errors in an article posted online by a newspaper, and I stewed over it half a day and decided that a newspaper should not be making such mistakes, so I sent through an e-mail highlighting the errors, LOL. It was definitely not a typo, it was throughout the entire article! I have a friend who shares this pet quirk with me, so I'm comforted by that. I'm looking forward to reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss - a book about punctuation, I will be a happy woman! LOL.

Okay, those are my six weird things, which may or may not be weird to you. If you're still happy to be associated with me, please do leave me a comment! :) Till next time, adios!

PS. Just adding an update to my list of weird things. I realise that not all of the things I have listed are really that weird, because I was struggling to think of weird stuff about me last night. Not that I think I'm not weird, just that they could be so ingrained in me that it's no longer apparent to me even if everyone thinks it's the wackiest thing ever! LOL. Anyways, this weird thing is Terrence's. He counts characters in his head as he speaks, as he reads, as other people speak. Apparently it's an automatic part of his brain process. So for example, if I say, "What's for dinner tonight?", he will be processing the question, along with, 6 3 7 10. And I can count; to him, unjoined letters like i, j etc. count as 2 characters, and the question mark also qualifies. I only found out a couple of years ago (and I think we had been together for 5 years at that stage) and I don't even know how that came about in the conversation, but when he told me, I thought it was the freakiest thing ever!! I kept testing him like throwing out long words and words that are not part of daily conversation and his response would be instantaneous. He's a weird fellow, indeedy!

Well, we have weird things number 2 & 6 in common, and I didn't even list them in my weird list, because I thought it wasn't weird at all. I have the book too! You're not weird at all, just nice & quirky!

We all have our quirks, that's what makes us unique. Yes, I wanna be associated with you, hence this comment! Haha!

I am checking my grammer twice here LOL!!

LOL I suddenly don't feel so weird after all. :o)

First, was the adious a test to see if we were on our toes?

You and I have some things in common (I almost never wear makeup either) but you won't catch me sniffing my dog's paws. LOL!! My eldest son also sniffs his food, which drives his dad nuts - maybe it's a 'dad thing'.

LOL. Okay, Barbara, you caught me out there, I did spell 'adious' wrongly. But I plead innocence there, it's not quite English! LOL. Thanks for the pick-up and I have now corrected myself :)

And yeah, my dad gets so crazy about me sniffing my food. He laughs, but always trys to get me not to do it. I think if I were just doing a normal inhaling of the smells in the air, like mmmm, this smells good, it won't drive him that crazy. But I do the full-on, *sniff sniff* what's this, like a dog, and he just can't get over it, hee hee...

Well, I don't think you are too weird and we have a few of those in common LOL But Terrence counting characters? Now that's weird :)

I love your list!!! And I do still want to associated with you! As far as dogs go, I am not a paw sniffer, but I do love puppy breath. Now the Terrence thing, that is very weird! LOL

Ok so I guess no one is really weird because as I read some of these I share at least 2 weird things with them LOL. I love paw smells too - Ana's smell like corn chips haha. And I wear no makeup either, sometimes I do but rarely and when I do put it on I have the wanting to wash it off and go natural. Softlips lip protectant is the only thing I wear. My cousin has no toe nails either, whenever she gets a pedicure she has to let her toenails grow for like a month so she can actually have something there and even then the lady will ask her why did she cut her nails before coming in.

Terrence is super weird, maybe he should list 6 weird things about himself LOL.

And to Cindy's comment - puppy breath is the best!! When Ana had puppies I was in absolute heaven!!

Very interesting... Your weird things! I have a thing about grammar and spelling, too.

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