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It's the weekend!

I love weekends, they're great. I never appreciated the weekend when I was a university student, but now I'm a slave to the MAN, I relish every weekend and can never wait till they come around. I'm also hanging out for the Christmas break, that will be a nice long break, it's going to be awesome. Terrence's parents will also be coming to visit, so that's good too.

Anyways, this morning, we woke up to a VERY hazy day; you can smell the smoke in the air. This is a photo that I took from my backyard. Normally we get blue skies, or even if it was a cloudy day, you could still see the clouds. Everything is just shrouded in smoke and haze at the moment. I've been in Melbourne for about 7 odd years now, and we have bushfires every year, but this is the first time that I've seen the air like that in the metropolitan areas. Frightening.

Not sure whether this is being covered in news overseas, but Victoria is facing extremely bad bushfires at the moment, in fact, this weekend could shape up to be the worst in the state's bushfire history. Thankfully, I don't live in a region that gets hit by bushfires. I really don't know how the people who live in affected regions do it, their courage and determination to tough it out each year. Every summer you hear about these horrific fires and yet people don't move away, and some stay behind to defend their properties during bushfire season and don't leave until they're forced to. I could never do that, I would stress myself to death. My heart goes out to those in the affected areas, I hope they stay safe and we get some rain to help control these raging fires.

We took the dogs to the vet this morning. Nothing major, they were just due for the annual vaccinations and heartworm shots. They always get sooooooo excited when they go to the vet's, so it's always a major challenge. Terrence almost couldn't make it for today's vet appointment, but he managed to postpone his later commitment by an hour, so that was good. I would be struggling just by myself, two crazy dogs are just too much for me! Anyways, the boys had their shots, got their worming tablets, they also had some blood tests done as part of the check-up and all is well. It did set me back by about $500 (YIKES!), but I guess it's a once-a-year thing, so I'll get over it. But it does hit the pocket when it's a huge chunk at one go like that!

And now, on to some stitchy stuff! Some of you may remember my previous stitchy post about part of a finish for Harmien's RR. It was a modifed design of My Garden Wild by 4 My Boys. I never got round to posting the complete picture, so I'm finally doing it today! This one is a scanned picture. The flower and butterfly are from Roots and Wings by Waxing Moon Designs. I used the Crescent Colours threads that the chart specified. The little flowers and beehive are from Lives to Stitch by Stitchy Kitty. And last but not least, the bees are from Ladybugs and Bumblebees by Cottage Country Needleworks. Oh, and I suppose I shouldn't forget my very boring signature, LOL.

I've also attached a picture of how the entire RR is looking at the moment. This one was taken with the camera. Just one more stop and our RRs return home! Isn't Harmien's RR looking so gorgeous at the moment? Unfortunately, my creative ideas aren't up to scratch so I couldn't get the "full" look like how Harmien and Annemarie achieved. But I still hope that Harmien likes what I've stitched! And also, if my fellow RR buddies are reading this, I just want to thank them for being sooooooo incredibly patient with me. I have been the most AWFUL RR partner this year; constantly missing deadlines and holding up the RR, I just have been terrible. Harmien, Annemarie and Mady are just wonderful folks and have been so understanding. So ladies, thank you so much for being such great RR partners; hopefully there will be a next time when I get my act together, and you'll still have me! :)

Well, that's it from me! I really should get started on clearing the lounge room (otherwise Terrence will nag at me non-stop, how's that for reversal of roles?!), but I'm just feeling so lazy at the moment. It's the weekend! I think I'll do a bit of lazing around but I will get cracking eventually, hee hee. Anyways, if you do drop by, please leave me a comment! I love comments and I just can't get enough of them, hee hee. Thanks for visiting! (^_^)

Beautiful stitching.

That RR is really pretty!!! I love the combination of stuff that was picked! Hope you have a relaxing weekend, the weather here is gloomy so I hope to get some stitching done!

Eileen, I love my RR so far and your stitching AND your ideas are wonderful!! I know that you have used some floss that I have never used (or even seen) before, and I'm so looking forward to seeing the whole thing IRL!! You are a wonderful stitcher (love the beehive and the wee beasties!)!!
This is my first RR and I'm definitely up for another... any delays and setbacks are just... life... Don't worry about it.
Hope the smoke and the fires clear up soon!

Would have been good if I had added my name to the previous message.... duh...

The RR is gorgeous! :) Your stitching is great!

I hope the fires clear up - sounds scary.

And your mom is right about 8 being lucky. Just depends on your persepective. I'd wanted to get to 8, but I ran out of room. LOL!

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, and Harmien, so glad you're loving your RR so far :)

Oh, and Barbara, my mom is just a traditional Chinese lady, so it has to be eight or nothing! LOL. But I agree with the lucky seven, I can't remember which culture it came from, but for me, I'll take all lucky numbers! Hee hee hee....

eileen :)

I just took Ana to the vet and I think the bill was the least I've paid in all the years she's been going (except if she's doing a follow-up then it's free) It was only $16! I get to shell out the big bucks in April/May for shots and stuff. The vet says Ana is fat so I just bought her a harness for her treadmill so next time he sees her she'll be a new dog LOL. She's had this treadmill for the longest and I guess it's time she puts it to use.

Love the stitching btw, and I love the comment you left me. It gave me a laugh reading about cooking dogs. If there's one time I wanted to strangle him it was that time, and I've wanted to strangle him LOTS of times. My work shoes (they're Crocs) have teeth marks on them from where Kyle decided they'd make a perfect chew toy. I swear I put my things away and he goes looking for them. Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

I dropped by!!!
I hope the smoke clears up it looks really dark outside. We had smoke like that about two years ago in rancho cucamonga California but news people were recomending not to go out at all because it could harm our lungs and stuff like that. California gets fires like that all the time.
I too have to clean this room, now that the baby is coming freddy and I have realized that we are very messy people (mostly me with all my stitching stuff all over the place) but I'll get to it...today ...maybe...

beautiful!! I hope the smoke int he area goes away soon! That isn't good for breathing, I'm sure! We used to get them in california all the time, and there would be ashes all over! looked like snow! Happy stitching!

Wonderful stitching! It is looking lovely!

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