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Stash Sorting

I'm stuck in a 'meh' stage; not feeling that great but not completely bummed out either. Work has been affecting my mood, more so than I would like. I try to not think about it and not let it affect me, but it's easier said than done. I really hope things will pick up or I can do something about my situation.

But anyways, enough with my whinging, let's get to my little stash sorting adventure! Thanks for the suggestions that people have left for me, I'm still not done yet, so any clever ideas, feel free to send them my way! So, as you can tell from my picture, my magazines are almost all sorted. I'm just short of the clear magazine files, so I need to get a couple more and I can get rid of the blue one to have them all consistent. I also arranged my chart leaflets and some of my kits into those plastic sleeves and filed them into lever arch files, these are the gray and blue files on the 3rd shelf. The other coloured files hold some of my DMC threads, I always had them that way. I also unwrapped my Mount Forest Frameworks frames; I had bubbled-wrapped them when I moved. That's probably not going to be their permanent spot, but they will sit there for now.

What I haven't done is organise my fabrics and overdyed threads. For fabrics, I think I will just buy a storage box and then put them in there. Those don't have to be too organised, that's easy enough to rummage through. As for the threads, I still haven't come up with an efficient way of storing them! I initially thought of keeping them in boxes and just arrange them in groups by thread colour, like A-C together, D-F etc. However, I still don't think it's the smartest thing to do, if I were looking for, say WDW's Cocoa, I still essentially need to dump all the threads from that box to get that colour. Sigh, there's got to be something easier, anyone has some bright ideas for me? Btw, I use Floss-A-Way bags, so at least they won't get tangled together when I dump them all together in a box. I used to ring them up in groups in alphabetical order and stuck them on a cork board, but I don't like how the bags gathered dust - it's a lot easier to dust boxes than little floss bags! Besides, I don't really want to stick up a whole row of cork boards in the lounge room, it didn't bother me before when we used to rent, but now everything has to look right! Hee hee...

So yeah, that's how I've progressed so far, not much, but at least I've done something! Once again, suggestions are welcome, if you've got some great organising system that you use, let me know about it! In the meantime, I still need to put my threads away in their Floss-A-Way bags, I still have a stack of WDW threads that I haven't labelled! *yikes* Off to get busy...

Eileen - your after shot of the bookcase is like day and night compared to the before shot. You've been working hard. I am now looking at my bookcase and wondering if I can somehoe steal of shelf or 2 or 3!

Loved your framed pieces, just gorgeous!

You've done a whole lot of work! That looks fabulous!!

You are doing great, it is coming along very nice and looks great and organized.

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