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Moonlight Garden - framed

As promised, here's a picture of the piece framed. It's not too great a picture as it's already evening here so there wasn't much light. Still, a picture is better than nothing, so you can get an idea how it turned out! I reckon I could have stretched and adjusted the piece a bit better by making it straighter, but I find it quite tough, the 'rolling' part is a bit tricky, I never get it just right! Oh well, I think it's pretty good for this piece.

Image hosted by Webshots.com I actually dropped in another piece at the framer's on Saturday, it was Needle and Thread by 4 My Boys, which hopefully will be ready by this weekend! I had the whole lot done with that one. With the borders, it's gonna be too difficult for me to attempt the lacing so I rather pay the extra money to get it right.

Image hosted by Webshots.comOh, and here's a picture of what Moonlight Garden looks like if the snowman has a proper carrot nose :( This was my first scan when I had initially completed the piece.

In other news, Australian Idol is currently on and I am absolutely gutted that Bobby Flynn has left the show. He was such an original, so unique, and Idol has never had anyone like him, not even on the American version, I reckon. He's the kind where you either love him or you hate him - I was in the love camp. I didn't think he was gonna win it because he's way too out-there and he probably shouldn't win as the Idol guys will just be at a loss as to what to do with him, but it's disappointing that he's out this early (Top 7), I reckon he should at least be in the Top 3 or 4. And the fact is that Ricky Muscat is still in there! He needs to be booted out, the dude is just horrible, he's too plastic, too fake, too blah. HE NEEDS TO GO. Well, nothing can reverse that decision, I just hope that Bobby goes on to have a fabulous musical career and that this has opened doors to him. As Terrence tells me, if Ricky doesn't win the show, he will have nothing after, but Bobby can make it on his own with his brilliant talents. Good on you Bobby, don't ever change!

The Moonlight Garden piece looks cute framed. Your other pieces are nice too.

Like the fram & you have been taged. Read my latest post called tag

I forgot ..Did you join? It will be fun

Ooh, I've been tagged. I'm really lazy, so I won't bother tagging other people and I will just respond here! LOL. I don't really have a top 7 list, but I heard James Morrison's You Give Me Something on the radio the other day and that tune is now stuck in my head!

Moonlight Garden is just too cute, and it looks adorable framed. I love your blog, hope you do not mind but I am going to be adding you to my blogroll!!

I love the Moonlight Garden piece :) Nice work!

Oh, Moonlight Garden looks very cute!

Moonlight Garden is adorable.

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