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Lacing needlework

A couple of posts ago, I shared pictures of my recently framed pieces. Those were professionally done and they turned out great. Amongst those, I also had a framing kit done for one of my pieces, "Moonlight Garden" by San-Man Originals. The framing store near my home offers a DIY framing kit, which helps to reduce the costs. They will cut and join the frame, cut the glass and mats for me, but then I have to put everything together. This then means that I have to stretch and lace the piece myself, which is probably one of the trickiest parts in framing needlework, IMO anyways. So yeah, the framer had shown me a quick example of how to do it, but I couldn't quite remember exactly how he did it, so I probably had to improvise a little bit. I reckoned I did pretty well and that it turned out alright! Much better than I expected, although not as good compared to someone who has 20 odd years' experience! The only unfortunate thing is that it probably wasn't a very smart thing trying to lace the piece on a glass table, so my snowman's nose button broke! *sob* It doesn't look toooooo bad, so I thought I would leave it as a round nose as I really don't want to have to unlace the piece just to replace the button. Oh wells, Terrence reckons that it doesn't have to be a carrot nose and it looks alright like this. It kinda bugs me, but I'm sure I will get over it eventually. In the meantime, here are some pictures of how my lacing went, I will share a picture of the actual framed piece tomorrow!

That fabric color is beautiful. What color is it?
The nose looks fine as is, I guess if you didn't know what it looked like before it doesn't bother you...

Oh that comment was from me - Mercy. Blogger won't let me sign in for some reason :(

He is cute as is.. I love snowmen

I just wanted to say thanks for your comments! :) Mercy, I feel your Blogger pain, so far it has been alright, but at the start, I was ready to pull my hair out! I log in with my Gmail account and I haven't had any issues, so maybe just check that.

And Dawn (I hope I got the right name!), I love snowmen too, which is quite a strange obsession for me, hee hee hee...

aww what a cute picture, I love the color you did it on too. No worries about your broken snowmans nose, its still looks good. In fact I hadn't even noticed until you said something. But I still like it. Congrats on getting your own house. :)

Thanks Heidi! It's been great having our own home :) And in case anyone else is wondering what this fabric is, it's hand-dyed evenweave by Countrystitch, an NZ online store (http://www.countrystitch.com). The range is Kiwi Illusions and this colour is Woodland Glow.

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