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Danielle is an idiot

Okay, if you haven't watched the finale of Survivor: Exile Island, this is a warning that this post is a SPOILER. So if you hate knowing the result before you've watched it, go away now!

My thoughts on the finale - Danielle is a MORON. Aras threatens her that if she doesn't take him to the final two, she won't have his or Cirie's vote. But hang on a second, by taking Aras, she doesn't have his vote anyway, she is delusional if she thinks that Cirie will vote for Danielle when Cirie and Aras have been so close, and of course Terry ain't gonna be voting for her after she screwed him over. So that logic totally doesn't work, in my opinion. Her rationale is that if she had not taken Aras, Casaya tribe members would feel betrayed and it would work against her. To me, it's so obvious that between Aras and Danielle, Aras would be the more popular choice with the jury so she would not have had a good chance. I reckon she would have had a better shot with Terry in the final two, she should have taken her chances with Terry, the Casaya folks may have disliked Terry enough to vote against him thus casting votes for Danielle, whereas with Aras, they would be voting for him. Oh well, the dumb bimbo made the wrong choice and it cost her a million bucks. Although I think she would probably have lost the million bucks even if she had taken Terry. Which is okay with me, as I never liked her at all, so I'm glad she didn't win. I would have liked to see Terry in the final two though, and if he had won it, I wanted to see him vs Tom, the other super "older" guy on Survivor!

hey.. I think she will lose no matter who she takes to the final LOL. Cirie on the other hand, could win if she's in the final two against Aras, Terry or Danielle ;)

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