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Half the weekend gone

So yesterday was a public holiday (Australia Day) and to capitalise on that and to make it a 4-day weekend, I took today (Friday) off. I didn't do anything dodgy, I didn't pull a sickie or anything like that, I submitted a leave form and made it a legit annual leave day, hee hee. I haven't really done all that much though, yesterday was ridiculously hot and it sapped all my energy so I was really just lazing at home. We did go out for a little bit at night, we just wanted to have some cold milkshakes and desserts at an air-conditioned place for some respite from the heat, so we hopped over to a TGIF near us.

Today was still hot but just slightly more bearable than yesterday so I made use of the day to run some errands and clear some chores around the house. I still have stacks of ironing waiting for me, maybe tomorrow if the heat lets up. I also spent a good part of today planning out the layout for the RR. It took me much longer than expected, even though I had quite a clear idea of how I wanted the structure to be. Working on PC Stitch was also pretty tedious, and quite a few times, I had erased big chunks of what I had alread plotted by mistake, and the damned software doesn't let me undo for these errors. So it was kinda frustrating, but I did get there in the end! Now I just need to get on with the stitching. I'm using hand-dyed fabric from Wichelt Imports, 28-count Jobelan Summer Sky. I somehow thought I had Babbling Brook, which I think would work better, but oh well, this colour shouldn't be too far off and should also be a lovely fabric for my RR.

Tomorrow is also Chinese New Year's eve, but unfortunately, not being at home means I won't be doing anything special. I won't be joining my family for the traditional reunion dinner but I will most definitely be ringing home to speak to my family. I am aiming to return to Singapore next year during CNY, it's been ages since I've joined my family during this festive period and I think it will be really good to be back during that time. I have asked Terrence to consider going bowling tomorrow night, just to do something fun for the day; I'm absolutely awful at it but I think it would be fun. Otherwise, I guess I would be happy staying at home and watching the Australian Open on telly. There have been some exciting matches this year and maybe next year I'll actually get the chance to get tickets to Rod Laver Arena.

Well, that's it with my boring post. I really don't have anything exciting to share! Hopefully I will make some good stitching progress with my RR and can share some pics with my next post. I'm excited to start stitching again, this will be the first time I've picked up the needle in 2006! Till next time, keep well, take care, have a good weekend! :)

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