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Is Vaughn really gone?

Hmm....I'm not entirely pleased with the progress of Season 5 of Alias so far. Is Michael Vartan truly gone from the show? I never heard any rumours/news that he was leaving so I'm not sure if he's definitely gone for good. It feels weird without him there, and I'm not crazy about the new additions either. Keeping my fingers crossed that the dead body that has been revived MAY be Vaughn, but who knows?

Stitching-wise, I started something during the week, I'm stitching a music-themed bookmark. Although fairly simple and small, it's suprisingly tedious as it's predominantly made up of backstitching, and any full stitches are scattered all over the place, and I want to get the stitches done first before getting started on the backstitching. And of course, trying to do fractional stitches on 18-count aida is painful, to say the least. When I'm finished, I also need to figure out what to do with it. I don't want to leave it as it is as I don't like floppy bookmarks but I am also not sure what I can do. A friend suggested some iron-on webbing thingy, which probably would work, hopefully the craft shops here have that. Any other ideas?

Anyways, I'm off to enjoy what's left of the weekend, work's been such a drag lately, it's always hard to go back on a Monday. Tuesday should be fun though, we have a social badminton thing, I'm really looking forward to it! Maybe I can kick some butt too, LOL. Till next time! :)

=P Hiya Eileen! Craft Glue. Using a paintbrush, spread a generous amount of glue over the back of the bookmark. Allow to dry completely and then do it again if you find it's still not stiff enough. Works great if you've used Aida and like your finished piece without any extra trimmings, lace, or webbing on the sides.

Hi Eileen! You know I am a BIG Alias fan. I am not happy about a lot of the progress so far of S5 either. Vartan is no longer in the credits, tho I have read that JJ has said he is back this season. Yea right! He may be back for an episode or so, but no gtd as now he will be filming a movie soon in your part of the world. Guess we just have to wait and see...

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