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Actually, I have been back for a while. Arrived back in Melbourne last Sunday, but I was so tired that day I just didn't want to do anything. It was back to work the following Monday so I didn't really have time to post. The week flew by pretty quick, it's already Friday evening, and another weekend is here! I won't post much now, just wanted to say hi to those who have been checking in, no matter how few there are of you. Thanks, and I'll try to share more about my holiday in my next post! :)

So happy to hear you are back and look forward to hearing about your holiday! Did you manage to stitch any?
Happy Stitching,

I was here ...


I was here a few times too :) Nice to see you're blogging again...

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for popping in, I truly appreciate it, it makes me feel love *grin* I have been a super slacker, but I promise I will try to get some updates up over this weekend. Hope everyone has been well!

eileen :)

ACK! that was supposed to be "loved", hee hee.

hey glad to see u back :) Mercy

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