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All by myself

Terrence left for Brunei tonight, so I will be by myself for a while. I will see him pretty soon when I fly over myself in a couple of weeks, but I still miss him :( There will be a few perks to having the house to myself, like staying up to 2 am playing Mario Party 5, LOL. At least I defeated Bowser in the final battle, hee hee. I will also be able to focus on finishing up the piece I'm stitching on for my friend. Not that I couldn't do it with him here, but it's just easier when there's nothing else around to distract you. I haven't done any stitching this week, yet again, but I plan to dedicate most of the weekend to stitching.

Work has been getting busy busy busy. It's probably gonna be pretty hectic these 2 weeks before I go on leave, trying to clear everything and get stuff finished. I just hope I will be able to do so, which is really difficult at times, cos' I'm usually dependent on someone else for information or parts of work before I can complete my tasks. I'll see how it goes. I'm expecting some goodies to arrive at the office next week though, so hopefully that will help perk me up when I feel like I'm drowning in work, LOL. I've got a BookCrossing order coming, just some release supplies, as well as a book coming from a BookRay (means that the last person on the list will do a wild release). I'm looking forward to those arriving!

Alrighty, I'm off to bed, it's waaaaaaaay past my bedtime, considering that I have been up since 6.30 am. I'm so glad that it's the weekend, even if I'm alone, at least I can still relax and just chill at home! Her Drama-ness bids you farewell for now, have a good weekend everyone! :)

Hi Leeny!! the dateline for Kaitlyn's quilt square is Aug 19. If you can make it, that will be great. Size 10 x 10 or 9 x 12 piece of fabby. Any suitable design for a baby :) LMK, I can email you the address if you're ok :)

harsha, sorry, but that deadline is way too tight for me, especially when i go on vacation in two weeks. so sorry about that, my thoughts are with kaitlyn though! count me in when there's a 2nd quilt to be made.

eileen :)

Hey, can you post something from Brunei, or at least write about it when you get back? Sounds so intriguing. A part of the world I've never been to.


Leeny aka Eileen :)

its ok.. I understand :) I will let u know if there's a 2nd quilt!

hi candice,

will do! probably won't be able to do so till i get back, but i most certainly will share my thoughts. i won't expect anything exciting from me though, cos even though it will be my first time there, it won't be a culture shock for me, i think. there will be a few cultural differences, but it would be a culture that i'm fairly accustomed as my home country is singapore after all. will keep you posted!

eileen :)

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