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1st week's results

So, I went for my framing course last night, and I had lots of fun. I was really tired though at the end of it, cos I had gone to the class straight from work, so it was a looooong day by the time I got home about 10.20 pm. I really enjoyed it though, and I'm looking forward to the 2nd session next week.

Now, I have done mounts/mats for one of my stitched pieces, and I've included the picture with this post (below). While I'm so happy that I've learnt how to cut mounts/mats and really proud of myself (even though it's hardly a big achievement), I have concerns about them. The teacher of the class isn't big on colour, so it was already a struggle for me to fight to get the strip of colour in. I would love some honest comments, especially from those framing experts out there on what you think. Is it too white? I'm also worried that the mounts/mats are too big and are overpowering the piece? It's not fancy or anything, but I didn't think I would even get to be quite this elaborate for such a small and simple piece. I'm such a newbie, so I've taken the teacher's advice with some faith, but I would still like some feedback. So if you don't mind, please drop me a line and let me know what you think! Thanks very much! :)

Sorry about the fuzzy picture! Posted by Picasa

Eileen I think it's ok. Maybe your being too critical. I would probably think the outside mat is a bit too big as well but looking at it from the outside I think it's fine. What's the next thing you'll be learning in class?

Thanks Mercy. I guess as I'm new to this framing thing, I'm a little unsure about everything so I start to question certain choices, hee hee. The next session will be covering the making of the actual frame, and the last session will be the finishing parts, like cutting the glass and putting everything together. It will be fun! :)

white? i thought the mat is peach coloured? anyway, it looks great to me :)

it is white, an off-white colour, not a brilliant white. it probably looks peachy because of a combination of bad lighting and a crappy camera, LOL. thanks for the comment, harsha!

eileen :)

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