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Waiting for August...

Yet another stressful week. I know I should really learn to deal with it, I mean, I'm sure every single working person goes through what I'm facing right now, but sometimes, it still feels really tough. I try not to think about it too much when I'm home, I just wanna relax, but I know it's still on my mind, and I've been getting some pretty whacked up dreams because of it, LOL. Oh well......just something that I've gotta get used to.

But anyways, I simply can't wait for August to come! The ridiculous amounts of work waiting for me when I get back from vacation will be scary, but hey, I'm still looking forward to my break! LOL. Terrence will be leaving about 2 weeks before me, so I'll be alone for a while. This was the plan, so that he will have plenty of time to spend with family in Brunei as his parents are also heading back for a while (his dad is an expat in Egypt). Then, I will join him 2 weeks later and I will be in Brunei for about 4 days, and together, we will head off to Singapore. The weekend we arrive in Singapore, my sister has decided that it's a good time for a quick weekend at Bangkok (apparently airfares are very cheap now), so off we go with my sis and my brother-in-law to Thailand, back to Singapore on the Monday morning, before flying back to Melbourne the following Saturday night! It's quite a jam-packed schedule, especially for me, as Terrence would have had time to settle during the 2 weeks he's at Brunei. I think it's still gonna be fun though, I really can't wait for it, but I'll be so broke when I get back! LOL.

Terrence and I also went out last night, woooo hoooo, we were actually acting like normal young people and going out on a Saturday night, hahahahaha....*grin* We didn't do anything special, we went to watch 'Batman Begins', which was pretty good actually. There were some parts that were cheesy and I couldn't stand it, like Christian Bale talks funny when he's in the Batman suit, I know he's in disguise and he's trying not to be Bruce Wayne, but it was way OTT for me. But apart from that, I think he did a great job as Batman and it was a movie I thoroughly enjoyed. WAAAAAYYYY better than Spiderman, and Spidey is actually my favourite superhero :( I had also seen 'The Machinist' recently, and MAN, that Christian Bale is just insane, I know it's talked about a lot in the media, but if you haven't seen 'The Machinist', just compare those 2 roles, and the fact he did those back-to-back, unbelievable.......

On the stitching front, I didn't get as much done as I would like, but I think I'm doing pretty alright. Hopefully I will make my 3rd week of July deadline, so that I will have time to get it framed. I found a place that actually gives framing courses, $99 for 3 sessions, which I think is a decent price. And once you've done the course, you can go back anytime to use their equipment and workshop to frame your own pieces, and just pay for any materials/supplies. I probably won't have enough time to learn and frame this piece on my own as the course ends on 26 July, so I'll get this one professionally done, but I'm still gonna take the course. It should be interesting and if I somehow manage to get the hang of it, all the $$$$$ that I can save!

Anyways, gonna end with a couple of stitchy pictures. This is my progress to date, and for kicks, I thought I would throw in a photo of how the back of it looks too. Not my neatest, especially since this is stitched with overdyeds, it has to be done stitch by stitch, but I do think I'm quite a neat stitcher, heh. But of course, if you disagree, tell me, just don't crush me too badly, LOL. That's it from me, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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Back of WIP Posted by Picasa

Your back is so neat. :-) Found your site thru Harsha thought I leave a few words on the nice Marriage Tree.

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