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I fell.....AGAIN!!!!!

I don't freaking believe this, I had just scraped my poor knee on Tuesday morning, and what do you know, I scrape the SAME ONE again tonight! This time, I was walking towards a restaurant with Terrence for dinner, and again, I suddenly slipped and BAM, there goes my right knee, AGAIN! You can kinda see the parts that had barely healed, and I scraped it off clean. It hurts like a bitch. Oh well, a fresh start to healing eh?! Just to make sure if I'm a clumsy ass in the near future, to aim for the left knee, LOL. Posted by Hello

Ouchy boo boo! Did you fall off your heels? I've done that.

kiss kiss

both times that i fell, i was wearing the same pair of shoes, FLATS! LOL. terrence says that my shoes are absolutely useless and i'm banned from wearing them. he wants to get me kneepads and pad me everywhere else like an ice hockey player, LOL. hmmm....maybe i should sue nine west?! hahahaha....just kidding :p

Been there, done that , and have the scar on my left knee to prove it LOL. Hope your's doesn't scar as bad. Try putting some neosporin on it to help it heal quicker. TTYL :)


so good to hear from u :) yeah, i've scraped this knee heaps of times, LOL, so it's already scarred, so i'm not too worried about that. this was the first time that i fell twice in the same week and hurt the same knee though! hahahahaha..... thanks for the tip, it did take longer to heal the 2nd time, but it's coming along nicely, just need to keep myself from picking at it!

eileen :D

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