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New look! :)

Yay! After wanting a new look for a while, I've finally got one. This was a skin I got from BlogSkins, but a BIG THANK YOU must go out to my darling Terrence because he had to spend a lot of time in changing the code and he put in a lot of work to get it to look the way I liked and wanted it to be. I think it's kinda cute, a bit of fun, and quite different from my previous template. Any comments? Let me know if you love it or hate it!

It better be Christmas when I get home.

I love it. Lots of personality.
Happy Stitching,

It's very cute but I have to scroll all over the place to read everything.

What did T get for Christmas? LOL

hmmm....what is the resolution on your computer? 800 x 600? this skin is probably not very friendly for resolutions below 1024 x 768 :( did you have to scroll side by side? i know i asked terrence to try to keep the scrolling to just up and down, but yeah, that's the problems with these skins, they dont look nice on everyone's computer :(

as for christmas, he got a big hug and kiss, and some nice dinner, LOL. he also said that he's not changing the skin for me until 2010, hahahahahaha.....

eileen ;)

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