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What to do, what to do....

*sigh* And I was so proud of myself.

It's almost 11 pm, but here I am, blogging away. I had my 2nd framing class tonight, and tonight's session was about cutting the actual frame. I managed to get 2 done for the pieces that I had cut the mounts for, and I was soooooooooo happy when I actually put them over the pieces, they had looked really pretty! Now, even when I was in class, I did think they may have been a teensy weensy big, but they were so pretty, I hardly thought much about it.

Then, I got home, happily showed both pieces to Terrence, and he goes, "Yeah, they're nice, but a bit big." I'm crushed instantly, I was so pleased about them, I was really hoping for a much bigger reaction. Don't get me wrong, he does think they look quite good, but I had really wanted him to go 'WOW'.

So here I am, at 10.46 pm, asking for opinions yet again. I know the first piece seems very white, I had originally wanted to go for a coloured frame, but as I had said before, the teacher ain't big on colour, and she recommended the frame that I ended up using in the end. I wasn't convinced when I saw the sample, but after cutting the moulding and putting the frame together, I thought it looked quite good! I wouldn't put it against a white wall, everything would be too lost, but I reckon it would look nice against a coloured background.

As for the 2nd piece, Terrence liked this a whole lot better, because of the dark frame, but he also thought it was a bit big. Those were my initial thoughts too, but I was kinda okay with it, but hearing him say it then makes me second-guess everything all over again. By the way, these pieces aren't completed yet, there's still the glass and finishing to do, but you can pretty see how the finished products will look like.

Honest comments please? Pictures are below, any feedback will be much appreciated. I could be completely blinded by my tiny achievements of cutting and putting a frame together, that I'm missing what Terrence is saying altogether. I mean, I can see where he's coming from, but I don't think they're that horribly big....*sigh* I was really so happy about what I had done tonight too.... :(

Framed piece #1 Posted by Picasa

Framed piece #2 Posted by Picasa

No more Christmas for me ever again!!!

to me, each looks great. but i prefer the 2nd piece :) coz of the dark frame. an its jut nice, not too big, or too small ;) If you decide you don't like them, you can always pass them to me when you're coming home for a visit LOL.

Hey there :) I like the first piece ALOT I don't think it's too big but the second piece I think is...

I think they both look great! and its your first attempt at framing so i think you should be very proud of yourself maybe with a little more practice they'll be perfect like you want them and if you dont want them my address is...ok just kidding

thanks everyone for the comments :) i think i'll be _okay_ with them for now, if it really bugs me, i will reframe them in the future. remind me to be strong next time and say NO to massive mounts! LOL.

eileen :)

I prefer the 1st one as the 2nd one looks unproportional. And is there mouldings on the first as it looks very pretty to bring out the small picture.

Am I being too honest now??? Overall it is pretty for a 1st timer.

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