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My dog is a pervert

I have been noticing something very weird lately. I have been finding underwear scattered around the bedroom floor along with some miscellaneous items from the laundry basket. I knew it was the dogs, and I thought it was most likely Reuben than Banzai, as this has never happened with Banzai before, but I couldn't be absolutely sure, and I didn't want to punish the wrong dog! I told Terrence to peek on the dogs once in a while when we're home to see if we could catch one of them in the act. This only happens when we're home as they don't have access to the bedroom/bathroom when we're out. Well, we tried for a few days and we never managed to actually see it happen, and I would still find clothing (mainly underwear) around the bedroom floor. Today though, I finally caught the culprit, and I didn't even need to be sneaky! I was in the bathroom, and Reuben, right in front of me, started pulling clothes out of the laundry basket! GEEEEZ, are dogs crazy or what?! They can always find new ways to get up to mischief. I gave him a smack and he quickly gave me a guilty/cute look to get out of it. Sigh, what do I do with my nutty boys? I think it's time to get one of those IKEA vertical laundry baskets so that my clothes stay out of reach!

LOL ... was clean or dirty?

Hee hee....those items were due for a wash.

LOL - I don't know why but dogs love dirty underwear! Don't have that problem with Ana but did with Kobe and I've also read about other dogs that did it.

Yeah, I've never had this issue with Banzai, only crazy Reuben, and it has only happened recently! Very strange. I need to put a cover over my laundry baskets or something, LOL.

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