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Yes, I'm lazy. I promised I would share a little bit about my holiday, but I still haven't done anything. The photos are scattered everywhere at the moment, there are some on my laptop, some on Terrence's computer, and I'm not sure if some are still on the memory cards. I have been quite disorganised, and haven't quite had the motivation to get everything back in order. So you will have to wait a little while more (hopefully not too long). It really wasn't that exciting, hee hee...so in a way, it's not a big deal *grin*

I didn't stitch at all on my holiday, and I haven't stitched since I'm back. I've just sorta been groovin' along, taking things easy and getting back into the swing of things. I'm sure I will get back to stitching soon, I just don't feel like I have to hop right back into it. I have been enjoying my reading, bookcrossing has really opened me to heaps of books and I'm really enjoying it so far. Btw, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jodi Picoult's 'My Sister's Keeper', but be warned, the tears will come, better get the Kleenex out. I read this on and between flights, and boy did I sob, LOL. People were staring at me curiously at airports, and the air stewardesses kept asking if I was okay. On hindsight, it was a bad choice to read that book on the plane, cos I gave myself a massive headache, and I already get motion sickness when I'm travelling, it was not a good combination at all! But yes, before I get carried away, it was a fabulous book, and I'm looking forward to reading the other books by Jodi Picoult.

Alrighty, that's it for now. I hope everyone had a good weekend, till next time! *hugs and kisses*

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LOL. This is HILARIOUS, I've got spam on my blog, I can't get over this, hahahaha. Is this also part of the splogging (I think that's what it's called) phenomenon? Anyways, I'm leaving the comment there for kicks, but I wouldn't recommend clicking on the link, probably not a good idea.

is this your first Spam? LOL.. just delete those posted on mine ;).

My Sister's Keeper sounds like a great read. I'm reading Always and Forever - Cathy Kelly. . will put that on my to-buy list . .

nice to see you blogging again.. dont worry too much about not stitching, it will come back :)

I LUV LUV Jody Picoult books. I started with My Sister's Keeper and moved on from there. They are all good (well the ones I've read are anyway) Read "The Pact: A Love Story" Right now I'm re-reading my Harry Potter's I just love Harry Potter so entertaining. TTYL :)

hi harsha! yeah, that was my first spam ever, so i was kinda surprised, hee hee. but yeah, if it happens again, i will be deleting it.

mercy, i'm so glad i discovered jodi picoult's books. i have plain truth, and i'm also waiting for some of her other books to arrive via bookcrossing bookrings. you really should join bookcrossing, mercy, i am sure you will enjoy it! you will find sooooooo many different books to read!

I got the book yesterday Mercy, will read after I finish my current one. I looked at Bookcrossing when it first came out, a few years ago, but the spots books were left were in commuter areas, bus stops, trains stations, coffee places, since I drive to work didn't seem it would be feasible, but I'm considering having another look.

hi petra,

i was the same as you, i think i probably saw it a couple of years ago, but only joined up this year. i think it's grown considerably since, so there will be plenty of opportunities to wild release! and while that's part of the fun, you don't really HAVE to do it. for me, i'm really enjoying the exposure to a wide range of books, titles that i probably wouldn't pick up if i were in a bookstore as i usually just gravitate towards the terry pratchett section, lol. after trying these different books, i now have a variety of books as part of my collection! i have yet to do a wild release, i tried once at the domestic terminal when i had to travel to sydney for work, but i chickened out when someone came to sit at my row! LOL. anyways, petra, i hope you do join bookcrossing, and feel free to ask me any questions!

eileen :)

Elaine, I'm so sorry.. I traded the pattern with some already. You can order this from DSL.

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