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Just when I'm fired up to start stitching on my RR, I get thrown a roadblock. Somehow, I have managed to misplace about 3/4 of my complete GAST collection and I have NO IDEA where the threads are. Serves me right for having my stash scattered throughout the house, but still, you would think a big bag of threads wouldn't be that hard to find! I am frustrated and angry, I love stitching with my overdyed threads and I was really looking forward to stitch my parts of the RR with my hand-dyed threads. I've looked almost everywhere and I still can't find them. *sob* Sigh, I know it's not a big deal but I just needed to vent as I'm just soooooo mad at myself, and mad at this stupid house, and mad at the threads for staying hidden. ARGH. Anyways, that's my rant for the day, I'm off to simmer in anger and frustration, and when I calm down, hopefully I'll still have the stitching bug and I'll get started with some substitute colours. Grrrrr......

Don't worry about it, Eileen. Just sit down, relax and do some 'ordinary' dmc stitching. Beore you know it you'll remember that weird place you put them where you thought you could NEVER EVER forget them... :o) They'll turn up!!

Thanks Harmien! :) I do hope my threads will turn up, I am rather fond of my GAST floss! And yep, I did manage to stitch in the end, so I guess all was okay eventually...

eileen :)

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