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Can you spot the mistake?

Don't let me know if you do see it, LOL. Actually, please let me know if you can spot the mistake, if it's jarringly obvious and looks "off", then I should probably go back and frog it, but I just couldn't be stuffed at that point in time. Hopefully it doesn't look too bad! Well, here's my progress so far, I think I did pretty good since yesterday! I was plugging away while watching Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy and during the men's final of the Australian Open.

YAY! Federer won! \(^o^)/ He's so sweet, crying during his speech, I think it's a big moment for him, and people always talk about the up-and-coming young players but they forget that he's young too. I mean, the dude is younger than me! But good on Marcos though, he did put up quite a fight at the beginning, but I was cheering Federer on.

Anyways, I digress, I just wanted to share my progress, I only have a little more for this centre piece to complete, the chimney smoke, the windows, the heart outline, but it still will be far from finished. I have the borders to do plus my own part of the RR. I won't get much done during the week with me returning to work tomorrow, but I think I am on track and could possibly be ahead of schedule. That's it from me, and feel free to flood me with comments! Hee hee....

Woah, you are a quick stitcher!! I don't know what mistake you're talking about, don't do any frogging, it looks great!! I thought you signed it beautifally too, but on closer examination I do believe that is a nifty piece of computering...??? Can't wait to see more. I'll take a piccie of mine soon, although I still have to make something disappear... yes, some frogging for me, I'm afraid. Not a mistake per se, it just looks awful, so no pictures before then... :o)
Talk to you soon!!

Hee hee....thanks Harmien! :) As for my mistake, I guess I'll spill the beans. It's the windows that I stuffed up on, you will see that they are uneven, I stitched an extra row, so it's 3 x 2 instead of 2 x 2. I would have frogged it, but as I thought they looked okay (and I hassled Terrence several times for affirmation) and I had enough space for the rest of the design, so I thought, nah, I won't frog this time. And you're right! I "signed" my piece with Paint, I just got some new fonts, so I thought I would try them out! Anyways, I would love to see a picture once you make that something disappear, hee hee. Thanks for dropping by and I will talk to you soon!

eileen :)

I have this design up on the wall. I can't see the boo boo but I'm not going back to look for it now either. Great job.



HEy Eileen, Noooo, don't you do any frogging. It looks good to me! And it looks as if you've done quite a lot of work. I haven't even started mine I'm completely at a loss, actually, with our RR. My initial plan was good, I think, but how to put it into practice? Great to see your progress, though!

it looks fine! dont frog! ;)

It looks great. Leave it.

It looks great Eileen - your mistake doesn't look like one. I'm so jeolous that you're stitching. I was thinking since I'm on vac and we have all this snow outside I should probably try to stitch...we'll see

Thanks Mercy! :) And honestly, don't be jealous, so far, this is ALL I've stitched this year. Since this post, I have not picked up the needle at all! Hopefully you will get some stitching in soon, I know the feeling, since I've started full-time work, the stitching bug just sometimes refuses to bite!

Oops, silly me, I also meant to thank everyone for your kind comments, I wasn't planning to frog it, but at least now I have the support from fellow stitchers, so I am convinced to leave my window alone, hee hee.... Thanks again, everyone!

eileen :)

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