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Mi Casa, Su Casa

I actually received this a few months ago, but that was during the busiest time of my house move, so that's why this blog post is only appearing now! *sheepish grin* But back to the darling piece. This was the nicest surprise, it was stitched by Harmien from CyberStitchers as a housewarming gift and was completely unexpected when it arrived in my mailbox. Harmien even included a postcard with a note addressed to both Terrence and I, so it's a proper housewarming gift for us, not just for me! Although I did tell Harmien that it should be 'Mi Casa, Mi Casa', because this house is all mine! Terrence can have the garage, muahahaha.... *grin* But yes, I LOVE this design, it's so cute and really made my day when I received it, even till this day! I haven't had any housewarming parties at all, so this is my first gift, hee hee. It was also the first decorative item up in the house, this takes pride of place on my front door, on the inside though, as I don't want anyone pinching this off my door! I took this photo outside because it was too dark in the hallway. A big THANK YOU to Harmien, it was so sweet of you and thanks to your talents, I have such a pretty doorknob decoration. I know it would be waaaaaaay beyond me to put something like that together, I can only stitch and that's about all I can do with a needle! LOL.

Nice piece you got. Looks like you are enjoying it.

Nice pice.. I think you are selling yourself short on the sewing thing. I used to think the same thing about myself but have learned alot in the last year.

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