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Happy Dance!

Yay, I got a new look for my blog! :) And I did try to do as much of it as possible by myself, although I did need Terrence's help to get the pictures working. It was some complicated CSS thing, which is waaaaay over my head. But otherwise, it was fairly simple and I didn't have to drive Terrence too crazy with too much customisation, hee hee. The only thing that's annoying me is that my profile picture and little blurb has now disappeared, and that is not because of the new layout, it's because I chose to migrate over to Blogger Beta. DOH! I knew I shouldn't have switched! :( Oh wells, I'll get over it, it's the only blemish on an overall successful layout change.

The other thing that called for a happy dance is that I finally got some of my stitched pieces framed! \(^o^)/ I also got some other stuff framed. It's almost a week ago that I got them back but I'm still so pleased about it. The photos really don't do them justice, they dulled the colours a little bit, but they are so lovely in person, I am just happy that I can finally display them, rather than packed away somewhere, collecting dust. Here are the pictures!

This is "Everyone Brings Joy" by Waxing Moon Designs. Can you spot Terrence's reflection? Hee hee...

This is an art piece that I purchased when I was in Paris. It had been laying around for 2 years!

This one is "Magic" by San-Man Originals. The framer was really spot-on with the colours, I know it looks so dull here, but it is so gorgeous in real-life! I really need to try to take a better photo...

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