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Another framed piece

Here is a picture of the latest piece I got back from the framer's. I actually picked it up yesterday but didn't get the chance to take a photo till today. For some reason, the frame looks really red in the photo and the other colours very pale, but it's more balanced in real life and I think it turned out gorgeous. It's definitely a feature piece on its own, I just have to figure out where its spot is going to be. At the moment, all the framed pieces have just been hanging up on the walls where the previous owners had put in hooks. We have yet to decide where the pieces should go, but hopefully we will get to that soon! Anyways, I'm going to keep this short as I'm feeling tired and I think it's time for dinner. Till next time! :)

I think it's real nice, and the large areas of mounting makes the stitched piece very focused.

Does that mean your fabric was the same size as the frame?

Wow the turn around time on getting your things framed is quick! The piece looks great regardless if the color aren't showing up right. I have to wait forever to get my pieces back. Hopefully blogger will let me post this comment for some reason it won't let me sign in to comment you :(

It is great and the photo never shows the true colors. I bet it is more fabulious in real life.

wow, I think it came out nice. Great job!

Wow, all your finishes and frames look great! congrats

I love it! I think it looks awesome! Wonderful job!

You have been book tagged! Check out my blog.

The framing with that piece looks great!

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