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Big week ahead...

Things are just cruising along, although I do have a fairly big week ahead of me. I had my hair cut today, which is a big thing for me, as I usually cut my hair once a year, LOL. Although this is my 2nd haircut in 3 months, so that's pretty good for me! Tomorrow, Terrence and I have an appointment after work to donate blood, it took a lot of convincing, but I finally managed to get him to come along with me! On Wednesday, it's my birthday, another year older! *sob* We won't be doing much, I'm still working that day, so we're just having Thai for dinner after work. On Thursday, I may possibly be watching a movie with a colleague, she has free tickets to Saw III. I have a work function/celebration on Friday night, and depending on whether I get my waitlisted flight, I head off to (South) Korea for work either midnight Friday or Saturday morning! Phew, it's a big one alright! I'll be gone for a week and won't get back till the Saturday after, so I'll probably be totally worn out after all that travelling, especially since there aren't any direct flights, I will be flying through Singapore. Which is kinda good, as I get to see my family, even if just for a few hours. Better than nothing!

I also had quite a fun day yesterday. I took a day trip with some friends out to Sorrento in Victoria. It's down the bay, so it's like a nice little coastal town out of the city. Despite having been here for about 7 years now, it was my first time there, so it was lots of fun! I had the yummiest grilled fish, and then we had vanilla slices, which the town is famous for. It was really more custard than vanilla slice, I reckon, but definitely still delicious! We checked out a couple of galleries then just walked by the beach and parks around. Afterwards, we headed to another area nearby called Cape Schank, again another place that I have never been for, so it was really great to see something new, and the scenery was awesome, here are some pictures!

A picture of the coastline.

This is the massive boardwalk down to the rockpool; as I am so unfit, I was so exhausted by the time I got back up!

A picture of the rockpool when we reached the bottom.

The other thing that I got done over the weekend was the sorting of my hand-dyed threads. I still have Crescent Colours to sort out (I ran out of Floss-A-Way bags!), but I don't have many of those, so that won't take me long once I get to it. I stuck to my not-so-smart way of arranging threads as I couldn't come up with anything else better, but I guess it's still some kind of system. So, as in the picture below, I've got my WDW and GAST threads arranged in groups in alphabetical order; Six Strand Sweets by themselves in a box, but arranged in alphabetical order with rings; and all "others" in a box by themselves. I'm currently just using cheapo post-it notes to mark my boxes, but I'll get nice labels made up to identify the threads. The boxes I used are clear plastic boxes meant for shoes, but they work pretty well for threads! LOL. I haven't finished organising my DMC or Anchor threads, but those were never the problem anyway, so I'm pretty pleased with what I've done. Next thing is to get a box for my fabrics!

Well, that's it from me for now. I need to get to bed as I'm still recovering from all that walking I did on Sunday! LOL. At least I got some exercise, hee hee... I hope everyone has a great week ahead! (^_^)

Reading your post made me tired! How did you get Terrence to donate blood with you? I'm forever trying to get Kelly or my cousin to go with me but they never want to and never let me do it. Even after I tell them everything I know they don't want to. Enjoy your trip and have a Happy Birthday (just in case I forget to wish you one on Wednesday) TTYL :)

Busy Busy Busy!!! It is just that time of year isn't it? Love the pics, what awesome sights! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!!!

Happy Happy Birthday, ah...so many happening things going on...happy for ya!

Happy Belated Birthday! The coast looks beautiful. Congrats on getting your floss organized. :D

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