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It's gonna be a long one!

I'm having a fat day. Not that I'm not normally fat, but today, I'm especially feeling it. LOL. Terrence keeps telling me to stop talking rubbish, but he's biased, so it doesn't count. But at least he's being sweet :)

Anyways, it has been a while since I last blogged, so expect me to ramble on and on! I got back from my Korea trip last Saturday but I think I only just recovered! I never do well with travelling, I get motion sickness and I always make sure I have my pills (it's called 'Kwells') with me to help me, but I think this time there were just too many flights and not enough rest in between, so I still got kinda sick. I shall spare you the details as it can be quite gross, LOL. But otherwise, it was still a pretty good trip, just really tiring and I was EXTREMELY happy to get home by the end of it. I didn't take a lot of photos, and from those that I took, I didn't have many good shots at all. So here are the three best ones!

This is a shot of the outside area that we had dinner at on the first day of my 3-day academy. The place is called 'Korea House', and if I got it right, it's an old palace and you get to experience a dinner that the royal family would have eaten. The wait staff were all dressed in traditional Korean gear.

This is a shot of the city from the conference room where we were having our academy at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.

A very bright and busy shopping street!

The really good thing from my trip was that I got to see my family when I stopped over in Singapore, especially getting the chance to see my grandfather. It was a bit of a shock at first when I saw him, I mean, I knew he would be frail, I know the kind of treatments that he has to go through, and he's an old fella, so he would be worse for wear. But seeing him, I really got a jolt, it was really emotional and I had to try really hard not to cry. His beautiful hair, which he is always so proud of, is now cut short so he wouldn't be too hot as he's on the bed most of the time now. He's also lost soooooooooo much weight, and according to my family, he already looks a lot better than when he first came out of surgery. He was literally just skin and bones before. There was a photo nearby that had been taken when my family had come to visit me in Melbourne about two years ago; he looked so healthy in that photo, and he was so mobile, going with us to farms for strawberry-picking and that kind of stuff, it's just so hard to see him like that. And the first thing he said to me was, "Just waiting..." :( I just hope he keeps recovering and that he can think positive, it's been slow but he has been making good progress, so I hope he can take one step at a time and he'll be able to get back something close to the quality of life he's had before...

Anyways, I need to move on from this topic as I will probably burst into tears soon. I just have to stay strong, keep staying positive and trust in the doctors. My family is doing much better than me, and they are the ones who are in the thick of it. Something a bit more upbeat, we were in the city tonight as Terrence's brother had a gallery opening as part of his art school, and it was pretty cool actually. We reckoned it was more interesting than the Picasso exhibition we went to earlier this year! Although to be fair, it featured only one period in Picasso's life, and didn't feature his more famous works. So, back to the gallery tonight, I'm not a big art person, but there were definitely a few pieces that appealed to me. And Greg's piece(s) turned out well, which he got an award for it, so he's super pleased about that. And part of his exhibition will probably end up in our house, which is cool too! Hee hee... it's nice to have an artist in the family, helps to fill wall space when I can't stitch fast enough! LOL.

Oh, and while waiting for the tram, I got Terrence to take a photo of the pretty Christmas lights. I like blue lights :) The photo is not great as it was taken with a mobile phone, but it's still pretty good! If you're wondering what that building is, it's the old post office, but it has since been converted to a retail joint, I think. I don't go into the city much, so I can be quite clueless about what goes on in the big bad world, hee hee.

Alrighty, I think I have yakked on enough. Not much stitchy stuff in this post, but I will try to have more of that next time. Oh, I am expecting some stash to arrive, which is really neat as I haven't ordered stash in AGES. I actually ordered from two different places (Down Sunshine Lane and Stitching Bits and Bobs), so it is a bit of a treat. It's kinda like a birthday order as I get a discount from DSL in my birthday month, and I needed Floss-A-Way bags, which I ordered from SB&B, and they were having a sale, so of course I had to get a few extra things, hee hee. It will be an early Christmas gift to myself!

Okay, this really is the end this time, if you managed to get all the way here, wow, I'm truly impressed! Thanks for toughing it out and I hope I didn't bore you too much. Till next time! (^_^)

Eileen, I am so glad that you are home and safe and sound. I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. I totally understand feeling the way you did when you first seen him. I will keep him and your family in my thoughts a prayers. Loved seeing the pics as well.

Missed ya while you where gone!

With Stitching Love,

Eileen, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. If you want to have a good cry and want company, get a hold of me. My gramps, one of the most active & vital people I've ever known, spent his last years bedridden due to a series of strokes and it still makes me want to cry to think about it.

The rest of your trip sounds exciting. I've never been anywhere further than Austria. ;>

I know abut fat days - lol - I can try on 500 different outfits before going to work some days and hate the way they all look!!

Sounds like you had a good trip...the pictures are cool. I like the one with the blue lights.

Sorry to hear about your grandfather :( hope he gets better!

I need to order some floss bags - i'm sick of winding them on bobbins!!!

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