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Oh dear...

Okay, so I faced a pretty awkward situation at work today. Getting into work today, I was stuck at the entrance of the car park as there was a car in front of me blocking my access with no sign of the driver. The car looked familiar though - it was a green Toyota Kluger, which a colleague of mine drives, and although I don't know his licence plate number, I had a pretty strong feeling it was his car. Anyways, lo and behold, he walked out of the car park (the gate was open but the boom gate was down) and got back to his car. So just to make fun of him, I was making gestures to indicate, what's the hold-up? He made signs back indicating his card to swipe in wasn't working and it looked like he just got back from speaking to the security guard. He gets back to his car and keeps trying his card and it's still not working. Meanwhile, a car comes in behind me, and another pulls up behind that car! The bay is not very long, and the street that it's off is a NARROW street - you couldn't fit two cars side by side - the last car was already blocking part of the street, one more car and the entire street would be blocked. So I got out of my car to see what's going on, and I tried my work pass to see if it's his card that was kaput or maybe the system was out. Well, my card worked because the boom gate went up so I thought, okay, just let him get in first and clear the congestion, and then he can continue sorting it out with the security guard. I didn't think it would be a big deal since he was already talking to security, so she should know what the situation is about.

So I make my way to my floor and just as I popped my laptop into the docking station, I get a call on my mobile. I answer it and it's the security guard! She goes, "Did you let so-and-so into the car park?" and I'm like, yes? And then she basically goes into her lecture that you are not supposed to do that, it's a big no-no, blah blah blah. Which I totally get, because of security reasons and all that, but in this situation, I thought it was completely justified, and she was completely aware of the situation since my colleague had already been speaking to her before I got there. Plus, there were so many cars waiting! So I let her know how I feel and she still says, no no, it's still not allowed. Oh, just a note, this lady is not the regular security guard, so she doesn't know who we are, otherwise the regular guy could have just pressed a button or something to let my colleague through and then sort out from there, which the regular security guy has done for me when I have forgotten my work pass. Anyways, I didn't want to get into a lengthy conversation, so I just said that was fine and ended the call. I wasn't feeling angry or annoyed, really more amused than anything else, and I had a quick chuckle about it with my colleague in question.

Okay, I'm being quite long-winded with my story, please bear with me, I'm not the greatest storyteller! So fast forward to the afternoon, I'm having lunch with two different colleagues at the office's "chill-out" area on another floor and we were just chit-chatting away. I mentioned how great traffic was today as I had left my house later than usual and I still got to work at the usual time! Which then reminded me of the incident this morning, so I was telling them the story. It had stayed on my mind because of the unusual circumstances, and also because that colleague usually comes in a whole hour after me and it was really strange to see him at that hour. So yah, I'm telling them about what happened in the morning and ended with the security guard calling me about letting my colleague in. Then one of them made a remark, "I can't believe she rang you, that's pathetic." And WHAT DO YOU KNOW, the security guard lady is sitting at the next table having her lunch! I almost died. I hadn't noticed her as she had her back to us and there was a pillar between our tables, so I only realised when I glanced over just as my colleague made that remark. I didn't say anything rude, and I was just sharing my experience from the morning, but I still feel really embarrassed. On top of that, there was my colleague's remark, which I know was just a passing comment and wasn't meant to be an attack or anything, but it still wasn't very nice, so I feel bad. Even though it wasn't me who said it, it was I who brought up the whole incident, and I just talked without thinking or being aware of my surroundings. I feel like such an idiot!

So yeah, that's my story for the day. I know it's not a big thing at all, but it has been on my mind since lunch, I just feel so bad. Well, I'm off to extract my foot from my mouth, I hope the security lady doesn't hate me... :(

That seems really ridiculous of security especially since you knew who the guy was!!! It wasn't like it was some random stanger!

*hug* I think we all do things like that. The housekeeper found my stolen wallet and the next day told me how he found it and I was so busy that morning I sort of gave him the brush off although I didn't mean to - now everytime I see him I think to myself - does he think I think he took my wallet because I was so mean to him??? So now I'm going out of my way to tell him good morning in an extra nice way every morning.

This other nurse called a doctor "Doctor McDreamy" while he was standing behind us which was funny and I once called a doctor dumb while he was behind me also...don't feel bad about it though Leeny - these things just happen.

Plus I've noticed new security guards have something stuck up their butt's so they have to pick on us LOL

I can understand how you feel, but belive me you are not the only one that it has happened to! I have put my foot in my mouth many times! LOL I am sure she does not hate you and she will get over it.

Yikes, Eileen! Here's hoping she doesn't read your blog...
Happy new year by the way!

your story made me laugh out loud...I've done that so many times in my life that I can't keep track of the instances on both of my hands...
I think that it's sweet and nice that your worried about the security guard's feelings when in actuality she was a little out of the loop on your RAK to your fellow co-woker. Don't worry about it...all will be well.
That is seriously hilarious however :)

LOL, it happens to all of us. I'm sure she doesn't hate you. I think you were justified in doing what you did.

It's a great story, but if you ask me, the security lady - not being the regular security guard - had no business lecturing you about anything. You were right in helping your coworker out, especially since you know he works there. The security lady should not have allowed a blockage, she should have let him through herself.

As I was reading the story I thought you were going to say the guy was fired or something and trying to get into the building.

I did the same thing once - letting someone in using my badge. It was all pretty harmless and stupid, but I guess they gotta do what they gotta do in keeping the place secure. I acted the same way - were they serious? But they were!

Oh well ...


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