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The holidays are here!

Okay, so we're not quite there yet, there are still a couple more days but it's so close, the sensation of freedom is washing over me. LOL. It's really not that long a break, but still, 10 straight days away from the office is going to be awesome, and I'm looking forward to catching up on stitching, reading, watching telly or just doing nothing! Ahhhhhh.... it's going to be good!

Also, I wanted to share a piccie of my new stash! :) I made two separate orders in November; one was through a birthday discount with Amy at Down Sunshine Lane, and the other was with Bobbie at Stitching Bits and Bobs. The DSL order had arrived quite a while ago, but the SB&B order only just arrived yesterday, hence the post today. I was so excited, I hadn't gotten new stash for a very long time, maybe even close to a year, which is why I treated myself to a few things. November was the right time to buy as well, using my birthday discount with DSL and SB&B had a 25% off everything sale, so it was perfect! This is what I got:
  • Raise the Roof Designs - What Side? (with button pack)
  • Raise the Roof Designs - Warmth of a Good Friend (with button pack)
  • Raise the Roof Designs - Warm Water Wash kit
  • La-D-Da - My Sunshine
  • Embellishments for Winter and Spring Snapperlands (with free border charts)
  • A pack of Floss-A-Way bags

And yes, if you were wondering, Raise the Roof Designs is one of my favourite designers. Ever since Witchy Washy, I have been completely won over! Although, I only noticed the "quirk" with Warmth of a Good Friend when my order arrived, and I'm not entirely sure about that bit, hee hee. That I may have to edit out!

Btw, these two online shops are GREAT places to buy from. Amy at DSL is just such a lovely lady, she turns around orders so quickly and always provides top-notch service and consistent communications. SB&B is also another favourite place of mine because their service is also great and they have sales all the time, so you can get quite good deals. They also carry Floss-A-Way bags, which I love! LOL. You usually have to wait a little bit for orders from SB&B, but that is not a problem at all as you can get updates on your order, so you know exactly where the progress is at, and the wait is never horribly long anyways. Both are terrific places; and thank goodness for them, otherwise I will be suffering from S.E.X withdrawal symptoms! Hee hee...

Well, that's it from me. Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, have a great holiday and stay safe!

Love the new stash!!! I totally think that you deserved it, especially after a YEAR!!!

You got some great stuff!!! I love Raise the Roof designs....Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!!

Wow, what a fabulous stash haul! Can't wait to see you start working it up!!

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