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Photos intensive

Okay, I've been a little trigger happy lately so I have lots of photos to share! Hopefully it makes for a more visually exciting post, hee hee...

First up, the bushfires still haven't abated in Victoria. We really need some decent rain to help ease the fires but it doesn't appear that there are going to be any heavy rainfalls in sight. Yesterday was a very smoky day, much more than over the weekend. Here are a couple of photos that I asked a colleague to help me take from the office:

Thankfully the smoke has cleared up significantly today, but the battle with the fires continues. Again, I hope everyone stays safe, and these fires will soon be under control.

Last night was also a fairly interesting night for us. A colleague who lives in my neighbourhood informed me about a particular street where the houses had gone all out with the Christmas lights, and said that it was worth going to have a look. There aren't many houses on my street that have done major Christmas decorations, and the only two that have, it's just simple lights, so nothing too fancy. So Terrence and I got the dogs together and we decided to go for a walk to check out these houses. I mean, we have absolutely NO Christmas decorations at all ourselves, so we need to live vicariously through others, LOL. I know, it's quite pathetic, we just weren't organised this year, we'll do better next year!

So, back to these houses, it was a sight indeed! I'm sure there must be fancier out there, I mean, I remember seeing one on the web last year where this dude had his lights TIMED in sync with some song, it was totally full on. But anyways, back to the houses we saw, I haven't seen many like these in person, so it was still pretty impressive to me! There were many more houses with Christmas lights on this street, but there were two in particular that went all out. One of these seems to also be a finalist in some TV network's Christmas lights competition (first three photos). Terrence took a few photos, they are probably not great since it was with his mobile phone, but they're still pretty good. I told Terrence, next year we will blow everyone out of the water with our decorations! HAHAHAHA.... so not going to happen! *grin*

Well, that's it from me today! I'm a happy camper at the moment; tomorrow is Friday, which means the weekend is fast approaching. WOO HOO! A friend is also in Melbourne from Malaysia, so me and another friend will meet up with her for dinner on Saturday, which is always good. Then one more week of work, and it's HOLIDAY TIME! I soooooooooo cannot wait! Can you tell I'm excited from all those exclaimation marks?! LOL. Okie dokes, dinner time for me now, tata for now!

That's cool maybe BF & I will go light looking this weekend. Thanks for the comment you left me..

I just love looking at Christmas lights! You must get some decorations though, that is just sad! LOL ;)

We've got a lot of homes in our neighborhood decorated, but they're all pretty much alike. Oh well ... it's the thought that counts, right? ;o)
Thanks for posting on my blog, Eileen! I'm really enjoying blogging again ... and I have always loved reading those that belong to others! Great to 'see' you again!

we did put up any decorations either, with the baby coming we are on a budget this year, lol but I still want some lights in the house but i cant *sighs*
I did tell my brother that i'm such a spoiled person I'm going to go and take all the neighbors lights down so i dont feel bad *giggles* but they wont let me thou i mean i could blame it on the hormones right?!?!?!

Debbi's not blogging anymore ... seems she stopped sometime back around September. We've been emailing one another once again (yea!) - I guess Bruce is having some major medical problems, Aaraon (older son) still hasn't found his place in life, Bryan's doing great. Her job's up & down - like most of us, good one day, not so good the next *lol* but she is surviving. Send her an email when you have a chance - I'm sure she'd love to hear from you!

Wow, those lights look gorgeous and I bet they were even better in person! I love houses all decorated up.

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