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Okay, so it's a stupid title, but I have no ideas for the title of my post, hence the cheesy title, hee....

Anyways, the holiday break has been great so far. I have been such a bummer, it's awesome! :) Okay, so I'm not that lazy, I have been catching up with my household chores, doing laundry, ironing, that sort of stuff, but otherwise, it has been super relaxing and just chilling around the house. I don't head back to the office till Jan 2, which really isn't too far away, I'm so going to struggle once I get back to work!

We haven't done a whole lot for the holidays. We headed to a suburb in Melbourne called Ivanhoe, which is famed for a particular street (The Boulevard) where the residents put in a lot of effort in decorating their homes with Christmas lights. To be honest, it was a little disappointing, some were pretty good, but nothing that really wowed me. And of course, there were HEAPS of people, which can really bug me at times. Also, as we went with Terrence's parents, we couldn't walk the whole street (it's a really long stretch) and probably only saw half, so I kinda wonder if the good stuff was at the other half. Oh wells, I guess there is always next year if we do decide to check it out again. I know Terrence definitely didnt like the crowds!

I also got to fly a kite, it was fun! I know, I must have flown a kite when I was a kid or something, but I don't really have any memory of it, or at least of a successful kite-flying experience. So yeah, it was pretty exciting to see the kite flying high in the sky, and it wasn't a particular windy day either. I relinquished the controls pretty soon though, I couldn't control the kite very well, it was doing somersaults in the sky and took a nose-dive, LOL. I quickly gave it back to Terrence so I wouldn't jinx it further, hee hee. Here's a tiny pic, you can see the kite in the top right-hand corner, the person in the picture is Terrence's dad.

Oh, and would you believe it, we got a white Christmas during SUMMER in Melbourne! Unbelievable! I think it snowed in the mountain areas, and in certain parts of metropolitan Melbourne, there was heavy hail, so it covered everything like snow. We also got a bit of hail where we live, not quite enough to be a realistic white Christmas, but it's pretty wild to see it. That's Melbourne for you, famed for its unpredictable weather; four seasons in a day! Here's a picture; pardon my patchy and dying grass, we're on water restrictions at the moment so we can't water our lawns, and my poor grass isn't surviving.

Last night, I caught up with a friend I haven't seen in ages. We met up for dinner, had our chit-chat, and then watched Happy Feet at the cinemas. It was a great movie, I loved it! The ending was a little cheesy and total BS, but I guess the protagonist has to save the day somehow. But overall, the movie was fantastic, I loved the music, the characters, it was totally enjoyable. I didn't think I would like it this much, the animation was done in a realistic manner, as in penguins look like penguins, and not like the cutesy-fied Disney style (if that makes sense), and I thought that injection of realism may put me off the animation but it didn't. My friend kept telling me she wants a baby penguin - I wish her luck! LOL. I reckon I will be getting this one when it comes out on DVD!

Anyways, that's it from me. I'm off to continue the rest of my lazy holiday, if I'm not back before the new year, I want to wish everyone all the best for 2007, I'll see you in the new year! Take care! :)

Hey Leeny! Your relaxed holidays sound like just the ticket - I've had to take it easy because of my foot, and it's the most relaxed Christmas period I've had in years!

Snow in Australia for Christmas? And here, it's been nearly warm enough to go without a jacket. Weird!!

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