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Presenting Mady's gorgeous RR

This is going to be a quick one, just posting a picture of the entire RR as promised. Mady's theme was 'Friendship' and here is what we stitched for her! I love the fabric that Mady has used, it's absolutely beautiful (hand-dyed fabrics are awesome!) and I think it's come together beautifully. Apologies for the poor picture, it's a little blurry, but I assure you, it is extremely gorgeous in person. It will be heading on its way to Canada tomorrow, unfortunately, it always takes ages from Australia, but here's wishing it a safe journey, and I hope Mady likes what she receives!

Here's another scan of my part with my "signature". It's the first time for me stitching one over one, it was fun! I love how it's so tiny and so neat, I don't normally sign off on my own pieces when stitching for myself, but I think it may be the way to go in the future, I really like it. I used lettering from Bent Creek's Wedding Row.

Also, for those who may be interested, here are the details of what I used in the design:
  • Pink in the border - Wild Cherry by Dinky Dyes (silk threads)
  • Yellow in the border and flower - Daisy by Dinky Dyes (cotton floss)
  • Blue lettering in main piece and signature - Icy Nights by The Dye Is Cast (cotton floss)
  • Purple thread - Berry Freeze by The Dye Is Cast (cotton floss)
  • Spool - Tiger Eye by Dinky Dyes (silk threads)
  • Needles and backstitched lettering - Soot by Gentle Art Sampler Threads (cotton floss)
  • Leaves - Crème de Menthe by Dinky Dyes (silk threads)
  • Flower petals - Secondhand Rose by Crescent Colours (cotton floss)
  • Red in heart and flower - Good ole' DMC cotton floss
Okay, I'm heading back to watch Federer serve for the championship!

Great work Eileen! It all came together very nicely :)

That is a gorgeous RR! You all done fantastic work on it! Wonderful stitching on your part for sure!!!

Yep, it still looks great! I love your choice of colours, and your way of signing is, indeed, very lovely. Well done you!

Mady's fabric is beautiful and it all came together so nicely!
Well done!

The finished RR turned out really beautiful!!

Wow, what a great RR piece and I agree I love the fabric! All of you did a great job. :o)

That turned out gorgeous, Leeny!

You've been tagged for the Weirdness Meme. Check my blog!

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the fabric as well.

Nice job! It's a beautiful piece.


What a sweet RR! Your square is lovely, I like the colors. Your over one looks great!

what a beautiful RR !

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