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It was a big day today!

Well, the biggest news of the day is that I got a new car! Okay, so I don't have the car yet, and it's not really new, but at least it's a "new" 2nd-hand car. Terrence and I had planned to replace my Toyota Echo soon enough, maybe in the next year or so, but it happened a lot sooner than expected as we chanced upon a deal too good to pass up. We did have a look at the car last week and we were sooooooo close to deciding then but thought we would hold off first. Anyways, the dealer rang me back yesterday, sweetened the deal, and we though, what the heck, as good as any other day, so we went for it. Which was a little tricky since I had to discuss this with Terrence over the phone (he's away at the moment) but all worked out in the end. So today I headed to the dealer (my first time ever purchasing from a dealer!) and finalised all the paperwork and put in a deposit. If all goes well, I should be able to collect it on Monday!

So, what car did I get? It's a 2003 silver Honda Jazz VTi-S 5-door hatchback, which is a neat little car. It's still a small car like the Echo (I don't like big cars), but has a little bit more power and still great on fuel economy. And it has FOUR DOORS! I really missed having four doors; even when I was driving my tiny 0.7 litre Daihatsu Mira, it had four doors and just made things so much easier. So yeah, I have always liked the Jazz and this car should last me quite a while. And because I bought from a dealer, the transaction is fairly hassle-free with the Echo as a trade-in, as opposed to me trying to sell the Echo myself and then going through another private seller to buy the new car. And I reckon we got a pretty good deal on it, considering a couple of other dealers were selling the same model Jazz with similar kilometres but at prices set about $3,000 higher. All in all, it was a quick turnover -- from seeing the ad online and then testing out the car to the final transaction -- but I think it was a good decision, I'm looking forward to getting the car on Monday! :) Anyways, as you can see, I've pinched a picture of the car from the Honda website. Ignore the garish yellow background, hee hee...

I also had a couple of friends come over today and we had a great afternoon. We took a walk on the beach (which is about 5 minutes away from me and I had never been there yet!) and just enjoyed a bit of the sun (it was kinda cloudy) and the sea breeze. We did walk for quite a long while (I reckon a good hour maybe?) and the shoreline was fairly uneven so it was quite a challenge walking on the sand as well, so it was good excercise too! After the walk, we went back to my place and prepared a gourmet veggie pizza (my friends are vegetarians), which was yum! I have never actually made pizza at home before and although we cheated (we used a bought pizza base), it tasted really good and I reckon it's something I should do myself in the future. And if I'm not making pizza dough myself, it's actually really quick and easy to do! No more toiling over dinners....

Well, the best part came after dinner, we STITCHED! Yes, I found real stitching friends! LOL. Not that you online folks aren't real, but I have never had anyone I could hang out with and stitch together with. I have known these two girls for about 7 months now and I found out that they also stitched a while ago. We had talked for ages about getting together for a stitching night but it was always hard to co-ordinate (they live quite far away from me), but we finally got together today! And it was real fun, what with the walk and the dinner, and then just stitching together and chatting away, I really enjoyed myself. We also had some ice-cream before the girls left for home. They were here at about 4.15 pm and didn't leave till 10pm! Hopefully we can do this more often, I will try to organise another session and go over to their place next time.

I also finally pulled out my Q-Snaps to try again with my stitching tonight. I used it once before but wasn't a big fan of it and had just stuck to my stitch-in-hand method since then. I gave it a 2nd go tonight and I think I was more comfortable with it today but I reckon unless I remember to use the Q-Snaps, I will probably just stitch in hand. But I must say, with the Q-Snaps, I could finally use my needle magnet! Anyways, here's a pic of what I started tonight. I managed to do a fair bit as I did continue stitching after they left, so it has been a fairly productive night for me.

Oh, and a funny story from last night. I went with a colleague to watch Perfume: The Story of a Murderer yesterday evening (which is a pretty good movie, btw) after work. Anyways, the movie ended and the credits started rolling. Other people are now chit-chatting amongst themselves, preparing to leave etc. So I started talking to my colleague as well, nothing loud or anything, just in quiet voices, and we were just voicing our opinions at how we both quite enjoyed the film, blah blah blah, when suddenly, the lady in front of us turns around, glares at us and says, "Can you wait until it's finished?!" And the both of us just stare at each other incredulously; the movie is over, credits are rolling! People are already talking and getting ready to leave so it's not like it was dead quiet at that point in time. And I mean, if I were talking during the actual movie itself, I reckon the lady had every right to tell us off, but during the credits?! It's not like Pixar credits where there's still stuff going on. Anyways, I think the both of us laughed/snorted in disbelief and just chuckled, I think we won't be forgetting this in a hurry. Which is such a shame as I will always associate this incident with this movie and it deserved a better memory than that. So yeah, I thought this was pretty funny and thought I'd share.

Alrighty then, that's it from me today. I'm soooooo tired, I was up at 7am and it's now 2.09am, and I have been doing household chores all day before my friends came over, which feel like so much now that it's just one person doing them all! I think it's the stitching excitement that has sustained me so long. I'm off to bed, I'll come round to visit when I'm more awake tomorrow! Or technically later in the morning. Oyasumi!

Great time with friends are the best! I've never used Q-snaps before, you gotta get a hang of it I suppose.

congrats on your new car! Don't forget to take a picture and post when you get it.

And good news on your stitching friends!


(thanks for visiting my blog!)

congrats on the new car! Always exciting. :o) I like your stitching, seems you got a lot done.

Congrats on your 'new' car, Leeney. It's always fun and exciting to get a new vehicle, even if it isn't new. It's NEW to us! LOL Sounds like you had a great time with your friends.

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