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Last week EVER!

Yippee yay! After this week, I am finally FREEEEEEE! Free to have a PROPER bumming period before I start full-time work at HP, and also have some time to go shopping for some work clothes. Working last night at the restaurant just made me look forward to my final night this week even more. It was busy, which is fine. Some customers were rude, which is also fine, I'm so immune to that already. But what I couldn't stand was the kitchen, usually it's already bad, but last night was somehow extra worse.

The restaurant closed for 3 days during the Christmas break, and last night was the first night it reopened for dinner, so there was a lot of catch-up to do. And the kitchen was a disaster, there were buckets of meat all over the floor, taking up much needed floor space in an already tiny kitchen filled with EVERYTHING. It was impossible to walk anywhere, and there is a lot of walking that needed to be done, getting to the chefs to get the meals, getting to the sink to put dirty dishes, yada yada yada. The floor was also covered with muck, so it was slippery, which is dangerous in a kitchen filled with sharp corners and objects. I had my Doc Martens on, a one-year old pair, a good pair which served me through walking on ice-covered streetwalks in Manhattan back in January this year. I was already walking as carefully as I could, I didn't want to break my head open or something, but I still slipped, which is not a big deal in itself, but I was holding two hot plates of dishes, one of which is on a metal plate, put on a ceramic plate, so it's already slippery to hold. So when I slipped and lost my balance, the metal plate flipped back onto me, and did I mention it was HOT?! It landed on my hand, and OW, my first instinct was to drop it, but I still got burnt a little from the food, and I made a lovely mess too. URGH! So not the best way to end the night. After tonight and tomorrow night, I will never be in that horrible kitchen, ever again! WOOO HOOO, just hope I make it out in one piece!

Sorry if this sounds trivial, but I really can't wait to leave the restaurant and a boss who is not fully appreciative of one of her best employees (I'm not boasting, she has told me that a few times before, but other than that, I'm just taken for granted), and some horrible customers. Most are alright, and easy to smile at and talk to, but some....they are just incredible. Like last night, one customer called me to her table, so that I could move the rice bucket on the table from her right to her left. HUH?! Yes, we are here to serve you, and to ensure that you have the most enjoyable dinner possible, but it doesn't mean that we are your SLAVES. I thought that was just stupid, and I definitely did not think much of the person.

Weather-wise, it has actually remained cold. I do like the change from the sweltering heat, and I definitely prefer cold weather, it's just strange to be needing a jumper during summer, LOL. This won't stay for long though, I am sure the heat will come back soon enough, so I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts. Anyways, that's enough blogging for now, till next time!

Ahhhhhh sorry you slipped and got burnt! And don't you just wish you could tell them off before you go. Like the customer with the rice? Geesh! My husband and I both happened to be at the post office today and he did the most stupid thing. He had a postage paid envelope that needed to be mailed. So he walked by the mailbox, into the postoffice, by a second mail box and past the line of customers to the clerk and pushed his envelope at the clerk then turned around and left. I was mortified! What a jerk. I apologized to the clerk later but in my mind it's the same as that customer asking you to move the rice. Geesh .... I must be getting grumpy in my old age. hugs, debbi

oh boy, u bet i do!! there are so many times when i just want to tell these people off, and i have been angry enough to use a few "lovely" choice words, but of course, i cant. oh well, i'm looking forward to a better work environment! :) as for ur hubby, wow, he must have been in a bad mood huh? hopefully his mood improves, otherwise, u may want to get him to stay away from that particular post office, LOL. did u ever figure why he didnt just use the mailbox?

eileen :)

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