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Diane Arthurs - Four Seasons

Here it is, one of my exchange projects, actually completed! Sorry about the photo, I hate it when they are too big for the scanner, and as you can tell, the digital camera doesn't really do a good job. This one is for the Secret Stitching Exchange 2004, Seasons theme. It's looking a little bare at the moment, there are supposed to be a few embellishments, one for each heart, but I couldn't get them locally, so I will have to leave that to the person who is receiving this (sorry about that!). This was surprisingly TEDIOUS, the border went pretty quick, but I didn't expect the hearts to take so much time, they hardly looked that time-consuming! Oh wells, all is done now, and I'm pretty pleased with it, and I hope that my "secret" person will really like it. I want to stitch this for myself eventually, but uh, not anytime soon, LOL.

This was stitched on linen with DMC floss, stitch count for this design is 80 x 225, so it was a HUGE one for me, I think possibly the biggest design that I have stitched so far. I stitched it entirely by hand, I bought my Q-snaps either a year or 2 ago, but I have only used them once, I don't really like them much, they make my wrists ache, hee hee. Anyways, if you are here looking at this, thanks very much! If you are from my yahoo group, please don't post about this on the group since it's supposed to be a secret project (I don't think the person I'm stitching for reads my blog, and even if she does, she won't know this is for her. HAH!), so if you have any comments, kindly leave them here! Thanks, and once again, 圣 sheng 诞 dan 快 kuai 乐 le (that's Merry Christmas in Chinese)!
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It's absolutely beautiful. What is the pattern? I may need to have this at some point. Nice job.

luv & happy holidays,

Hey Debbi,

It's good to see you posting here :) This pattern is by Diane Arthurs (Imaginating), and it's called 'Four Seasons'. Thanks for having a look, and happy holidays to you too!

take care,
eileen :)

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