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2005, here I come! :)

HEY HEY HEY, it's New Year's eve, and I am free from the restaurant! Forever! Hopefully anyway...when my boss said her goodbyes to me last night, she was saying that she would call me from time to time, and get me to help out when I can, and also "booking" me to work there on Mother's Day, which is like MONTHS from now! I mean, I have no problems helping out if I can, but once I start full-time work, it's impossible for me to work my usual nights on weekdays, and do I really want to sacrifice my weekends? Not to mention the restaurant is a 40km-drive away, which makes it 80km to and fro for each trip. Also, if I really help her out on Mother's Day, which will be on a Sunday, and it gets absolutely insane on that day, I will probably be so wrecked from that, it will affect my working day at HP on the Monday after, and that is something I definitely don't want happening. I want to be put in my absolute best, and of course being a new employee, I need to demonstrate to my superiors my capabilities and contribution to the company, working nights at the restaurant will not help that. So I didn't want to reject her outright, I just smiled at her and kinda laughed it off, and I told her it will all depend on how my work is going at HP. Sorry Rosanna (my now ex-boss), but that's just the way it's gotta be.

Now, on to the weirdest thing. I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that I was at Terrence's brother's place, in a non-existent common lounge, and somehow ended up in a fight with some strangers. In my dream, Terrence comes to my rescue (he didn't do too well though, LOL), and it moves from there to me taking a piano from the same non-existent lounge. I then dreamt that I blogged about this whole incident! LOL. That was the weirdest thing ever, I woke up and went, HUH? I wonder if it's some kind of indication that I'm turning into a blog addict *grin* In a way, part of my dream actually came true, since I'm blogging about it! Oh wells, it was just real strange, and thought I would share this little snippet.

Not doing anything exciting today even though it's New Year's eve. Terrence and I have headed to the city twice before to see the fireworks, the first time was alright, but the second time was absolutely atrocious. There were just too many people, and I am alright with crowds, but during that time, people were just shoving and pushing, and I saw so many screaming and terrified kids, and really freaked out parents, it was just so awful for them, and I felt the same way too. And when the fireworks finally came, it was a big 'HUH? THAT WAS IT?' kinda feeling, so it just wasn't worth it, and I don't want to go through the same thing this year. This time round, I'm just gonna make dinner and enjoy it at home, watch some TV, hopefully stitch, and just hang out with Terrence. It may be a quiet and boring night, but hey, that's the way we want it this year. I don't need 2005 to start with a bang to enjoy myself. We may go for a drive somewhere tomorrow and have a picnic, but I'm still not sure. If not, it will be another relaxing day at home, and that's also alright with me!

Anyways, I hope whatever everyone is doing out there, whether it's a big party or just having a quiet night like me, to enjoy New Year's eve and have a good time. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, all the best for everything, and Her Drama-ness will see you in 2005! :)

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