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Shoe wall

Check out our shoes! Oh, and I should mention that Terrence has MORE shoes than me, LOL. Oh well, at least he gets most of them for free, hee hee. Anyways, our shoes have finally been straightened out. We had 2 Ikea shoe racks before, which pretty much only fit my shoes cos Terrence's shoes are just too HUGE (size 14 feet!) to fit on the racks. And then over the last 2 years, Terrence just started getting more and more sneakers (as well as getting some for me), and 2 shoe racks just obviously wouldn't cut it. We had kept some in a cupboard, and also just lined them up on the floor in the walkway by the front door, but it looked really messy, and it was also difficult to get the pair of shoes we would want to wear. So, Terrence got 3 of these shelves for $20 each at a hardware store (Bunnings), put them together last night, and voila! We now have a fairly neat-looking wall of shoes, and the industrial look is pretty cool. What do you think? Posted by Hello

You both have enough sneakers to put shoes on the NY Knicks team! WOW! Great job on organizing...and nice shopping haul today! I'm off and contemplating going shopping, just not sure I want to venture out in the cold it's 9F!

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