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More Reubanz: #1

Awwww....don't they just look so sweet and angelic here? You couldn't possibly imagine the little terrors they are, LOL. Don't be fooled, they are absolute rascals, hee hee... Posted by Hello

Kudos to you for writing so much! Your boys are way cool, I love them, they are so cute together I think having two is wonderful, a great team for each other when you are at work!
More pics please.

thanks petra! :) and yes, they are really adorable, drive me crazy at times, but otherwise, they make my heart melt. and they are also totally eclipsing my latest finish! and i was so proud of my stitched work! neither u and debbi said anything about my snowman, lol. JUST KIDDING! *grin* and dont u worry, i will be literring my blogs with their pics once in a while, so just keep checking back!

eileen :)

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