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Banzai has a FRIEND! :)

Meet Reuben, the latest addition to the family! :) Posted by Hello

OK, here is the story! Terrence and I have been thinking for a while about getting a 2nd dog. We have always wanted more dogs, and also, thought it would be good to get some company for Banzai. We didn't want to start from scratch with a puppy, because it is very time-consuming, and I wouldn't be able to give it the time it needs because I'm starting full-time work so soon. So, we were toying with the idea of getting an adult dog, we were looking at RSPCA's pet adoption programs, we get to help out RSPCA and take in dogs who have been abandoned or stranded for some reason, and we pay a fee of $170, but the dog will be desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, which is good. We headed there to have a look on Thursday, but didn't find any dog that may get along well with Banzai. We did consider this female beagle there, but a family came along and took her, so that wasn't an option anymore.

Terrence had also been checking out the trading post for ads where people had to give away/sell their dogs due to various reasons. I rang a few of the ones he gave me, but they were all taken. Then I rang the last one, and hey, this one was actually available! It was a cocker springer cross spaniel, and we thought this may work out because Banzai is also a spaniel, and they should get along right? That was our theory anyways. So, we made the trip up there to have a look, bringing Banzai along to make sure they would get along fine. Got to the house, and everything pretty much went well! Banzai was a little snappish, cos Reuben would try to jump him at times, but I think once they get used to each other, he will be alright. I guess Banzai is trying to show who's boss! LOL.

So yes, it was a go-ahead from the owner, we brought Reuben home, and he's here now! All the excitement has only just about died down. Reuben probably wasn't used to the long car ride (the place was REALLY far away) and got sick in the car, Banzai was trying to get as far away as he possibly could, so yeah, that was fun, NOT! *grin* Once we got back, we got both dogs into the bathroom, I washed them, while Terrence cleaned up the car. That was another experience as well, first time I had to wash 2 dogs, had to make sure one stayed calm in the bath tub, and the other not going psycho on me while I was washing the one in the tub, LOL. And then I had to swap them around! Weeeeeee.....but well, I made it in the end. After drying them, getting them to calm down yet again, I finally got to making dinner, and believe it or not, only just finished eating not too long ago.

As for Reuben, he's a real cutie, and seems to be getting along well with Banzai so far. He's 2 years younger than Banzai (who is 4+), but according to the previous owner, he is pretty obedient, at least he's "toilet-trained", which was more important for me. He is still trying to jump Banzai, and Banzai has had a few snips at Reuben for doing that, but hopefully within the week or so, things will settle down. The owner said that he's either a pure-bred cocker spaniel or a cocker springer cross, doesn't really matter to me. I will be bringing him to the vet soon for a complete health check, so maybe he can clear things up. His ears are MASSIVE to me, I already thought Banzai's ears are huge, Reuben's are even bigger! LOL. And his furry feet are so cute, kinda looks like he's wearing slippers or something, hee hee. Actually, Debbi, if you're reading this, Reuben reminds me of your Jake, so maybe Reuben is a cocker spaniel. Whatever he is, he is one HYPER spaniel, actually makes Banzai look like such a calm old man, LOL.

Anyways, I think I am going to make myself shut up now, LOL. I could go on forever about the excitement that happened today, but I really shouldn't. I hope everything goes well with these two, it would be great if they both settle in before I have to start work. These few weeks will be their supervision period, no trouble boys, please! Geeez, now I have 3 boys in the house, what did I get myself into?! Oh well, wish me luck!

Ruben is sooooo cute and HAPPY!
Tell us who he is!

LOL. You are too quick, Petra! :) I just only finished with my post, hee hee, so yep, you will know the story now! He is cute, isn't he? And I hope he will be happy with us here.

eileen :)

He's sooo cute, you have quite a pair there, I think it's wonderful what you did, they will keep each other company now that you are going to work!
Wonderful Eileen - best of luck, many many years of enjoyment!

oh yes, i have quite the pair, i just hope i stay sane before i start working, lol. thanks petra for ur kind words!

eileen :)

Eileen - I'm sooooo happy that you got a second dog!! I know how hard it is to wash 2 dogs, luckily you were smart enough to not put both dogs in the tub at the same time like I did once LOL. Bonzai will get use to Reuben, just make sure to give Bonzai a little more attention in the beginning. Kobe HATED Ana when we first brought her home, he hated her so much that we thought we wouldn't be able to keep her and now he's ok with her. It took us about a month to get Kobe use to her though - a LOOOONG month but like I said he likes her now :)
Good Luck!!!
Oh btw, he is a cutie! Does he like to give kisses? He looks like the type with that face :-)

thanks mercy! :) i have been very careful to pay attention to banzai, hee hee, i didnt want him to feel unloved even though there is a new addition to the home. reuben is also one very sticky dog, let's just say the 2 of them are kinda competing for my attention (oh, lucky me, LOL), and while i do want to make reuben feel comfortable, i want to ensure that banzai is still ok! i wont say that banzai hates reuben, but i wont say he's crazy about the new one either, lol. they are getting along alright though, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed! weeeee, it will be fun!

eileen :)

I love him! I love his name! He is so cute ... he looks very spaniely. He looks a little big for a cocker but a little small for a springer. Anyway ... he's a doll. About those ears ... you really need to brush them all the time and keep them trim or else they will become massive. Once they get matted, you basically have to shave them off and start over. If they get heavy, the dog won't get enough air into their ear and he will get an infection. That's my dog advice for the day. Enjoy him. hugs, debbi

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