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Monday blues

The 3rd day of the new year didn't start too well for me. I probably woke about 5+ am, tried going back to sleep, but I just felt really strange and I just couldn't fall asleep. After lying in bed for a while, I had to dash to the toilet and **gross alert**, I started to puke. There was nothing in my stomach though, so it really hurt when I was vomitting, cos my stomach was trying to churn out stuff but there's nothing. All that came out is some yellow liquid and it was real bitter. Talk about a great start to the morning. I've done that a few times already this morning, and at this point in time, my stomach seems to have settled, but I still don't feel too good, so I'm just gonna stick to water for now, and hopefully this will go away soon enough. I don't know what caused this, I wonder if it's what I ate last night. I'm feeling tired as well cos I got up so early (bearing in mind my usual waking hours are 8+, 9+, even 10+!), but I know I won't be able to sleep until I feel better, so it's either getting a nap later when my condition improves, or just getting an early night today. I'll see what happens...

Yesterday was a movie marathon day for myself at home. I watched Catwoman, Edward Scissorhands, and The Incredibles. Catwoman was alright, I think I expected a lot worse (because of all the bad reviews), so it actually didn't feel too horrible, LOL. It still wasn't a great movie though, but I gotta say, Halle Berry looks damn bloody good in there! Edward Scissorhands was great, I've seen it before, just didn't remember much, and watching it again, I loved it just as much. It's an oldie, but a goodie! :) Last but definitely not least, The Incredibles!!! LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!! Do I dare say possibly the best Pixar animated film yet? I really liked Monsters' Inc. and Finding Nemo, but somehow, I felt story-wise, they weren't as strong as their predecessors, like A Bug's Life, and the Toy Story movies. But The Incredibles, I think it was fantastic on all counts, the story, the animation, just everything! Even Terrence liked it (I watched this with him when he came home), and that's something since he's not usually a fan of the "kiddy" movies. It was also hilarious for me to "hear" Samuel L. Jackson in this film. What?! An actual child-friendly movie? LOL. It's funny to not hear Pulp Fiction phrases from him, hee hee. But yeah, he was cool as Frozone, the dude's funny *grin*

Anyways, that's it from me. I don't want to push my luck by spending too much time in front of the computer. Just gonna lie somewhere and rest, and hope that there will be no more puking for the rest of the day...

awwww poor baby.... that bile was all I was puking up the week I was sick with the kidney stone! Hope you get better fast. Sure you're not preggers? Kinda sounds a little like morning sickness ... had that too. kiss kiss ... debbi

GOD NO, that would be too terrifying, lol. but seriously, i highly doubt it, i think it's a mild case of food poisoning, cos right after i posted my morning blog, i started feeling worse, and it wasnt just the puking, **gross alert again** i had diarrhea as well, and i started having a fever. i was so sick, i couldnt even watch tv or stitch, all i could do was lie in bed and tried to rest as much as i could (my body is aching!). i only just ventured out of the bedroom after being miserable for most of the day, and had my first meal, some chicken soup. i am feeling a bit better now, and i'm hoping that by tomorrow, i wont feel so terrible. give me back my asthma, i would prefer that to this anyday! anyways, keep ur fingers crossed for me that i'm gonna get better. and hope ur cold/flu thingy goes away too!

eileen :)

Eileen - EEEK feel better soon!
This sounds horrible.
Rest rest rest!

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