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A day in my life

Hee hee....as you can tell, I'm still very much in love with these kao-ani smileys. You'll probably see them around in my posts for a while! Anyways, it's Friday, and wooo hooo, I actually went out for once. I met up with a friend at a nearby shopping centre, she's currently on leave and goes back to work on Monday, so today was a good day to meet up. We had drinks at a cafe, and we were just chit-chatting away and catching up. After that, we watched a movie, we saw the Jim Carrey flick, 'Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events'. My friend didn't really like it all that much, but I guess it wasn't too bad. I loved the sets, they look stunning, I think it was a pretty good film visually. Story-wise, I guess it was alright, I may need to read the books to find out more about the overall plot. Like when I watched the first Harry Potter movie, I thought it paled in comparison to the book, but I suppose it's a real tough job to fit everything in, and with all things considered, it's a fair attempt. So this may be the same with the Lemony Snicket movie, but I still did enjoy it though. After the movie, we just walked around and window-shopped, and now I'm home! I will probably go back to the mall on Monday by myself, and start shopping for work stuff. I don't want to shop over the weekend, I'm pretty anti-crowds, so hopefully it won't be too busy at the mall on Monday!

As for the rest of the evening, nothing much else is planned. When Terrence gets home, it's either take-out for dinner or go somewhere cheap for a quick meal. With me bumming until I start work, Terrence is the only one bringing in the money for this month (I will only contribute $280 from tutoring, LOL), so we have to watch our expenses. It's then back to stitching, I'm pretty close to a finish on one of my exchange projects, but there's still a few bits and parts that need to be done first, it's one of those things, so close, but yet still so far away! LOL, don't know if I made any sense at all, but basically, I hope to get a finish as soon as I can. Oh well, that's it from me, more chillin' at home for Her Drama-ness, see you tomorrow!

Have a great stress free weekend Eileen!

u bet i will! i'm such a bummer right now, i'm LOVING it! lol. u have a great weekend too!

eileen :)

Can I say that I'm envying your extra time as a bum right now?!? LOL I'm soooooo dreading Monday. Oh and I know what you mean by so close yet so far away - it's my favorite phrase :)
Enjoy the rest of your days off and happy shopping on Monday :)

hee hee....well, mercy, u will only be envying me for these few weeks. by the end of jan, it will probably be me being jealous of ur semi-bummer lifestyle! lol. but yeah, i am looking forward to starting work too, i'm not expecting it to be perfect, but i do hope i wont be horribly disappointed. i just want a good start to everything! anyways, good luck for monday, all the best!

eileen :)

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