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What a morning!

Wow, there was so much drama for me this morning, not that I couldn't handle it, but still way too early for such eventful episodes, even for Her Drama-ness, LOL. First, let me share the drama from yesterday. I needed to return the 2 shirts that I didn't like, so I thought, it's just gonna be a short trip to the shopping centre, and I will be really quick while I'm there, why not bring the 2 dogs with me, it will be a little car ride for them, and they won't go psycho while I'm gone. Now, my little car is parked out on the street, so first I had to get the 2 dogs out of the house, down the driveway, and hopefully get them into the car without too much difficulty. Both dogs have these 'Halt!' or 'Gentle Leader' thingys, it's not a muzzle, but it's this thing that goes round their.....uh, nose/mouth area, it's like a head collar. So anyway, these things prevent them from pulling and choking themselves to death, and it has been so helpful in controlling Banzai during walks. Well, of course, even with these things on, with 2 very excited dogs, it's still a handful, plus I was holding a bag with the shirts in it and my other stuff like wallet, phone, etc. Even just walking down the driveway to get to the car was already crazy enough. Thankfully, I could get the dogs in without too much trouble, so off I went!

The car ride itself was pretty much uneventful, I had Banzai sitting in the front with me, and Reuben was at the back. Reuben was quite excited at the beginning and kept trying to stand on my shoulders, which is not very good, cos uh, I need to look at the mirrors! LOL. So yeah, I had to keep telling him to sit for a while, but he did calm down a little in the end, so that was alright. Got to the shopping centre, had my shirts returned, probably didn't take me longer than 5-10 minutes. So off I went again, this time back home, and again another uneventful drive.

Well, here is where the fun begins. I get back, I park along the street in front of my place, and now I need to get the dogs out of the car, back onto the driveway, and into the house. First, I need to put the Halt thingys back on, so I did that for Banzai first, and it went on with no problem. I tried to do Reuben next, but I must have become stupid for those few minutes, suddenly, I couldn't put his back on! It's a different brand from the one I use for Banzai, so I'm not too familiar with it, but I mean, I did it fine in the house! I have no idea what happened, maybe I was too flustered, but I got quite frustrated, so I gave up, and just hooked the leash to the collar. I thought, hey, I just need to make it to the house right? I should be fine. RIGHT. Big mistake. So, got the dogs out of the car, bag with my stuff in one hand, dogs in the other, and now I'm trying to close the door. I have an old car, so I don't have a fancy remote locking system, the lock needs to be pushed down inside, and I have to hold the handle down while I'm closing the door. I'm trying to do this, but the dogs are pulling, especially Reuben without his head collar on, and they're wrapping around me, I'm still struggling with my bag, and the damn door won't lock! Then Banzai starts whining, I tried to see what's wrong with him, and in all the commotion, Reuben goes loose! ACK! I call him, but of course, he doesn't listen to me, and is just happily exploring away. Thankfully, he isn't a fast runner like Banzai and was exploring at a leisurely pace, so I managed to catch him in about 5 minutes, while still trying to control my other psycho dog. By the time I stepped through that front door into my house, my hands were shaking and I felt so sapped of energy. NEVER AGAIN am I taking the 2 dogs on my own, I must have been mad. And I really need to look into training them when they're off-leash, they only listen to me in a contained environment! Tsk tsk, not good at all.

Wow, that was a long story huh?? Anyone fallen asleep yet? *grin* I will try to keep this morning's story as short as I can. We brought Reuben for his check-up at the vet early this morning, we also took Banzai with us so he wouldn't feel jealous about being left at home. Things went well at the vet's, so no dramas there. After the vet appointment, Terrence needed to head to a place to do something for his work, I went with him as a navigator and to provide directions, so since we were already out, we thought we'd just go straight, and it will be a car ride for the dogs. Now, we already know that Reuben gets carsick (experience from the first time we brought him home), but this time it would be fairly straight roads, no bumpy windy roads like the last time, so we thought he should be alright. Plus, I had brought him out yesterday and I had no problems. He also hadn't eaten in the morning, whereas the previous time, he probably had a full dinner at his old home before we had taken him. Terrence was also driving more carefully, going slow when there are any bends, making sure there are no sudden jerky motions.

Everything was going well, Reuben showed no signs of being carsick, and we had driven for a while already, so we thought we would be in the clear. When we arrived at our destination, Terrence got out of the car and went to do his stuff while I waited in the car with the boys. Terrence had just walked off, and Reuben started making the funny puking noises, and I thought, Oh no! I wasn't quick enough, and he got sick in the car. He started doing it again, this time I managed to get out of the car, get Reuben out of the car, and at least kept the 2nd mess out of the car (did splash a little on my foot and jeans though, NICE).

When Terrence came back and found out that Reuben puked in the car again, he was not very happy and got cranky. He had just washed his car, and I guess his car being his latest obsession, I do understand why he was upset. I know I would go absolutely bonkers if Reuben had puked over my stitchy stuff, not that it would happen cos they're kept out of reach for them, but I would go crazy if it did. This time, it wasn't as big a mess as the first time, it was contained on the left side, so got Reuben to lie down and relax on the right, and I popped Banzai in the front seat with me. I know he was upset, so just tried to get the dogs as calm as possible, and then get everything fixed up when we got home.

Now, I have a tendency to talk to myself (I know, I'm a nutter, LOL). I don't have full-on conversations with myself, but I ocassionally mutter out my thoughts. I do this, even when people are around me, I guess it's become almost of an unconscious habit. So anyways, this happened while we were in the car driving back. Some other guy had changed lane and squeezed himself between us and the car in front of us, and I voiced this thought out loud, using 'you' as though I was having a conversation with the person. Terrence, already being cranky and in a highly irritable mood, thought that I was talking about HIM, and he snapped at me. Of course, I then got upset, cos I didn't like being yelled at and I wasn't even directing the comment at him! We didn't talk to each other on the way back (I was sulking, LOL), and I ignored him until we had finished doing our own stuff when we got home (me washing the dogs, he cleaning up the car). We have kissed and made up, and I'm no longer upset, but man, that was one shitty start to the morning. Hopefully the rest of the day will be more uneventful!

Hmmm...I sure was being long-winded huh? Sorry, hope I didn't bore anyone too much, but this is the blog of Her Drama-ness after all, so it is to be expected, hee hee. If this post is too wordy for you, just check out my latest stitched finish below, or look at the doggie photos above (will be posted shortly), pictures are always more fun to look at. If you did make it this far, KUDOS to you, and thanks for reading my trivial little stories. Such is my life. Anyways, I'm off to potter around the house, get some chores done, then some stitching, and hopefully some rest. I definitely did not get enough sleep last night, so I'm feeling tired and lethargic. No more drama for me for a while, Her Drama-ness needs a break!

Ha ha ha. I know those dog travel stories all too well. Jake has no problem jumping in the car and loves going for a ride, but getting out of the car and getting him in the house is crazy. So I can relate! I love reading your puppy stories. hugs, debbi

(((Eileen))) A bit late but hope no more diggie trouble comes about although it will! I've taken Kobe and Ana out together and I feel the same way after every time NEVER AGAIN! Wish my experiences were painful enough for me to remember to not take them out but I still do once in a while. Ana can be controlled offleash but Kobe can't - I once stopped Ana from almost chasing a cat which I was surprised about, but I came to realize that she's the perfect dog hehe :) Oh and no matter what I think dogs puke in the car if it gets too long for them. Kobe doesn't puke though but Ana if the trip is long enough then she will. Off to read your blog some more and look at pics!

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