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Stitchy Kitty - Frost on the Pumpkin

First finish of 2005! WOOO HOOO! Ok, going to try to be as quick as possible, it's late, I'm tired, I need to go to bed, and I have to be up at 7.30 am to bring Reuben to the vet! So why am I doing this now? Cos I just HAD TO show my finish, LOL. Sorry about the scan too, it's a hurried one, so it's kinda slanted, hee hee. Anyways, this one is an exchange project, so it's not going to be for me, which is a shame, cos it's so pretty, I love it! I will stitch this for myself eventually, definitely, for sure! It looks like a small design, but it isn't, it's 77 x 154 stitches, but it would actually fit on the scanner cos this was done on 32-count Belfast linen. I used Australian hand-dyed fabric from Stitches and Spice, 'Pacific Dreams'. A whole range of threads were used, there were WDW, GAST, DMC, Kreinik, Needle Necessities, The Thread Gatherer, I simply love all the pretty colours. I had quite a few firsts with this one, first Stitchy Kitty ever for me, first time using silks, and first time doing the turkey stitch for the scarf and hat. I did struggle with it a little bit, and I don't think I did it perfectly right, but all in all, I reckon I did okay and it turned out fine! It's missing the pom-poms the snowman is supposed to hold in his hands, I did get those, but as I need to fold the piece when I mail it, I didn't want them to get squashed, so I will just enclose them and leave it for the receiving person to stitch them on. There is also a snowflake button missing from the top right-hand swirl, couldn't get the button locally, so gonna have to leave that for the receiver as well.

Ok, gotta go, before Terrence starts complaining - actually, he already has, LOL. If you're from my yahoo group, please don't post on the main group about it cos it's supposed to be a secret stitching project (don't think the receiver reads my blog), so if you have any comments, kindly leave them here, I would love any feedback! Alrighty, good night everyone! :)
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Eileen , I love it , it is so adorable. Great Job and I am so glad I dropped by and saw it. I have this ready to stitch , now seeing yours I know I have to do it soon. Congrats on the first finish for 2005

Hugs lisa

This is one of my UFOs!!! I love the way it came out, whoever gets it is going to LOVE it!! Where did you get the pom poms from? And here's the infamous question - what will you work on next? LOL

lisa, thanks for dropping by! :) this one is a great one to stitch, it was so much fun seeing him take shape, u will really love it, so get him out and stitch stitch stitch! *grin*

and mercy!! this one is toooooo pretty to remain as a ufo!! seriously, when u're in the mood, u should get him out and just keep stitching on it, i guarantee u will love the end result. i know i do, i'm tempted to keep him for myself! lol. and once u start seeing the snowman take shape, u pretty much wont stop until he's done. i hope u will get him finished soon, and i'm looking forward to a pic :) as for the pom-poms, i got them from a local craft store called lincraft, i couldnt find the sparkly ones that the chart calls for, so i just got plain white ones. it came as a pack of 42, so i have PLENTY to spare, if u need some, i'm happy to send u some pom-poms, 10 or 20, no problem at all! that way if u stuff up at the beginning, u have extra pom-poms as a backup, hee hee. so yes, let me know ok?? always happy to help! :)

once again, thanks so much for ur comments, i love reading comments, and love receiving feedback for my stitched pieces. enjoy the rest of ur week!

eileen :)

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