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What I've learnt...

about Reuben:

#1 - Reuben is a sticky dog

I never thought we would actually find a dog more clingy than Banzai, this boy is almost glued to my side! Reuben follows me everywhere, the minute I move, he's there. Banzai used to be like this, but these days, he usually just looks where I'm going, and then he's fine, but Reuben just has to follow me. He's also very attention-seeking, I try to play with Banzai just to make sure he doesn't get jealous of Reuben, and Reuben comes running, forces his way through and plonks himself down on my lap, and constantly paws my hands and noses me to get me to stop what I'm doing with Banzai and focus on him instead! LOL. It's kinda funny, and I am glad to know that Reuben adores me, but I still want to make sure that Banzai is alright. Oh well, at least Reuben is settling in!

#2 - Reuben drinks water funny :)

Ok, maybe it's normal, but it's funny to me, cos Banzai never does what Reuben does. When Reuben drinks, he plonks himself in front of the bowl and has to drink lying down. He's also a very messy drinker, he kinda stick his whole nose in there and drinks very noisily, and drips water everywhere, LOL. I have now put the water bowl on a towel, hoping to catch some of the water that Reuben dribbles everywhere, hee hee. When Banzai drinks, he looks so refined compared to Reuben! It's really funny, I laugh everytime I see him drink, he's so adorable!

#3 - Reuben has legs like a frog

Ok, not like a frog, but he looks like a frog sometimes. The way he lies down, it's different from Banzai. He likes to lie flat against the ground, and his back legs will be spread out frog-legged style. Again, very funny and very cute. That's the way he lies down to drink water as well, which of course helps to crack me up. It's not just me, Terrence thinks it's funny too, hee hee.

#4 - Reuben is a kisser

Yep yep, Mercy, he is a kisser! So is Banzai, in fact, there was once when Terrence banned me from kissing Banzai and Banzai from giving me wet kisses cos he was jealous, LOL. Well, Terrence now has to do the same with Reuben, cos he's a kisser too! Actually, he only kisses when he's really excitable, so he's not as much of a kisser like Banzai, maybe he needs warming up first, hee hee. But yeah, I'm sure we will get in enough kisses to make Terrence jealous again! *grin*

#5 - Reuben likes to walk in circles

I have no idea why he does this. I've noticed him doing this a lot and it's quite strange to me. I will let the dogs out into the courtyard to play and do their own thing, and when they're done, they will wait by the door for me to let them in. Banzai will just sit there pretty still, but Reuben will keep walking in circles! He's also done that when he's hyper, when he first got here, when he was exploring the rooms in the house, he would be walking in circles, maybe it's just his behaviour when he's excited or restless, but it was kinda funny for me to see cos I have never seen Banzai do that.

and about Banzai:

HE'S NAUGHTY!! Ok, I already knew that, he's cheeky, can be mischievous, but otherwise, usually a very good boy and doesn't cause toooooo much trouble (excluding puppy days). Last night, we had a little experiment, I wanted to leave the dogs alone at home to see how things would go, but I didn't want to go for too long either, so we just headed out for dinner. Terrence set up a spycam of sorts, he used the webcam and set up a program on the computer that would be recording. We had the camera focused on the living area, so we could see what's going on in that part, and a little bit of the walkway at the front door. I was more worried about them fighting a lot, and also worried that Reuben may be destructive since I have no idea how his behaviour is like when he's left alone.

Well, guess what, it was Banzai being naughty!! We saw the dogs having a few scuffles, but nothing really serious and usually didn't last more than a few minutes, so that was alright. But we also caught Banzai on camera chewing up a cushion of mine, and uh, also humping it, and basically being pretty violent with it. Now, this cushion has been around on the couch for weeks, and usually when we come home, we just find Banzai lying on it, so he has never done this before. When I got home last night and found the cushion on the floor all banged up with a very wet chewed up corner, I assumed it was Reuben cos as I said, Banzai has not done such a thing before. Of course, the recorded footage proved otherwise. Before I actually viewed the recording, I had said that maybe it was Banzai, and he's trying to set Reuben up. Who knows, I could have been right! LOL. But I guess it may be more of Banzai trying to establish his dominance or something, in our little "movie", when Reuben goes closer to the cushion to sniff it, Banzai will go back to the cushion and resume his "activities". I'm so glad that both dogs are desexed, otherwise the testosterone fights may be too much for me to bear! For now, the cushions will be moved to the bedroom when we leave the house, and monitoring will continue. Tsk tsk, Banzai, you're supposed to be the one setting the example for Reuben! *grin*

Anyways, that's my story about the dogs. Sorry if I've bored anyone, but right now, these two are such a source of amusement for me! Everything's definitely going well, so I'm happy about that. Banzai may not be crazy about Reuben, but he definitely doesn't hate Reuben, and I think in time, the two of them will get used to each other. As long it's just scuffles and harmless doggie play, we're all ok! They do keep each other company in a way, in the video, they do a lot of walking together, more like one following the other, so that's company right? LOL. I will stop for now, if I have any more funny stories to share, I will be blogging about them. Meanwhile, enjoy the new week! :)

Oh my God ... Reuben is just like Jake! Jake follows me everywhere I go, even to the bathroom. He lies down when he eats and drinks! And all my cockers lie down flat on their stomachs with their legs sticking out in front and back. Really goofy looking. Of course, my pups are all hyper ... a cocker thing ... I want to see more pictures! hugs, debbi

debbi! u're back, u've been missed! :) and thanks for the advice on the ears, that was also one of our biggest concerns about reuben, cos banzai being a floppy-eared dog himself, he's also prone to ear infections. we actually also already cut his hair on his ears last night, we were worried about them getting wet a lot cos of the way he drinks water, and wanted to get rid of as much hair as possible, and yeah, the previous owner probably didnt do much about the ears, cos the hair was definitely matted! terrence was like cutting chunks! lol. but yep, that was all done last night, and his ears look smaller now, and a little neater, hee hee, and i brushed him this morning too! :) as for pics, dont u worry, i am sure they will be coming, just need to get reuben to stay still enough for some good photos! anyways, glad to see u around again, and keep watching this space for more pictures!

eileen :)

I meant to tell you, Jake is a big kisser too. If I fall asleep, I can wake up to him sitting right in my face giving me big puppy kisses. He's a riot. I love my dog. :-) hugs, debbi

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