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I went SHOPPING! :)

The 2 pairs of Nine West shoes that I bought today (on sale!), and the 3rd pair on the table is the one I bought about a week ago (which was also on sale). Posted by Hello

Ok, I was supposed to go shopping yesterday, but because of the sudden addition of Reuben, I thought I would watch them for one more day, so I only went on my shopping trip today. And boy did I shop! I really love shopping alone, it's so much more productive, and I think I covered all that I need for work, so I don't have to do this again! Anyways, first off, I got 2 pairs of shoes (as seen above). I know, how boring, all black, but as they say, you can never go wrong with black, and I really don't want to worry about colour co-ordinating, so I stuck with sensible black. Now I have 3 pairs of flats for work, which I'm sure will serve me well. I do have other shoes, once i'm more comfortable with my work environment, I'll break out the heels *grin*

I also got 2 complete suits, both black (how boring again, LOL, but there weren't any other colours for me to choose from!), one is a pants suit, the other was with a skirt. They are both quite different styles, so I'm quite happy with that, plus I do already own one suit, which is pinstripes, so with 3 different styles, I don't have to dress boring for work, hee hee. NOT that I was fashionable in the first place. I also got 6 shirts, my sis said I was silly to get so many, but oh well, these were fairly nice shirts, and all in different styles and colours, so I think it's ok. Some of these I can also wear out, so it's not just limited to work. There are 2 that I'm not very certain of, so I'll let Terrence have a look tonight when he gets home, if he doesn't really like it, then I'll return them and get my money back. Even if that happens, I am sure 4 shirts are plenty for now, and I still have a couple of other decent tops that will be alright for work. It was funny, when I went to pay at the cashier, the lady said, "Starting a new job huh?" LOL. I replied, "You can tell, can't ya?" We both just laughed, and she was really nice, wishing me good luck and all that.

So yes, that was my shopping spree for today! I usually really hate shopping, but today wasn't too bad, I didn't get depressed, and there weren't too many people around to bug me, LOL. All I'm missing now is a nice bag (all the ones I have are too kiddy and casual), I do have one which is like a document bag and it would work, so I'm not too fussed. Unless I see something nice, I will probably just stick to what I have. It would be good to have a proper handbag I suppose, but it's not a priority of mine, I really wanted to get the clothes and the shoes, so now that's done, if I do find a nice bag, that would just be an added bonus. Well, now that I've got the "hard" stuff out of the way, I'm off to bum now! LOL. I am DETERMINED to get this stitching project I'm working on at the moment finished today, so hopefully I will be able to share a picture soon. Thanks for dropping by! :)

How exciting! I love your shoes. They look like something I'd wear (those pointed toes ... black!) And I love pant suits. That's my favorite thing to wear to work. Today I had on a navy pinstripe suit with matching jacket and white turtle neck sweater. Simple - comfortable and classic. How fun to shop for work clothes. It's what I spend most of my money on ... suits and shoes :-) Thanks for sharing. hugs, debbi

hey debbi, thanks for the compliments on my shoes! lol. when i first started shopping for proper shoes - this is about a year plus ago when i needed shoes for my sister's wedding - i really didnt like the pointy toes, but after a while, they grew on me. and i think they do look better than the rounded ones, or rather, the rounded ones just arent for me, i tried them on, and they look very weird on my feet. i dont go for the super pointy and sharp ones though, these i can deal with. and yep, i love pants too, i'm just not the girly girly kind of person to go around in skirts and dresses (dont own any). the pinstripes suit i have is also a pants suit, so i thought alright, i guess one suit with a skirt is ok, plus the set was on sale, and it was an alright skirt, long enough for me to feel fairly comfortable, and i can always just match the suit jacket with a pants if it doesnt feel like a skirt day. anyways, i dont think i will be wearing the skirt until i'm settled in at work. ok, enough of my ramblings, my head is spinning after a fiasco with the doggies, gonna cool down and then stitch!

eileen :)

I wasn't a girly girl until I had to buy a suit for my interviews all of a sudden I wanted a dress with the matching jacket like the girl on law & order don't know her name, couldn't find any though so I opted for the charcoal pant suit that I love!! I couldn't wear black made me look like I needed a hug LOL. I love your shoes! I was the same last year ewww pointy shoes then it was hmmm pointy shoes/boots would look great with what I'm wearing. Can't wait to hear about your first day - I consider myself lucky that I have to wear a uniform because I would never leave on time if I had to get dressed up :-P

yeah, that law and order girl (dont know her name either, lol) looks good with the dress and the jacket, but she can pull it off, it wouldnt work on me, i'm too fat! LOL. so i will stick to separate pieces, preferably pants, hee hee. i wouldnt mind charcoal either, but there werent any other colours beside black, and i think the black is alright, makes me look very proper, which is good, cos some of my friends have told me i look like i just came out of my teens! LOL. terrence says i look like "ze corparate animahl" when i'm in my suit, hee hee, as long as i look professional, i'm happy! and oh boy, not looking forward to getting ready for work, but it shouldnt be too bad, cos i dont put on make-up, and i dont need to fuss with my hair (either leave it or a ponytail), just need to shower and then get dressed, i think i will be fairly quick. i cant wait for my first day too, u bet i will be blogging ALL about it, if i'm not too tired out, ha ha.

eileen :)

You shop like I do -- go out and get everything at once. I like the pointy shoes, but I don't own any. No place to wear them! I'm a jeans kinda girl. But I don't work...what a relief not to have to wear work clothes any more!


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