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Thursday's story

Here is a picture of the necklace I bought yesterday. It doesn't show very well in the photo, but when it catches the light, it's very sparkly, I think it's one of the coolest items I own, for now anyway, hee hee. Posted by Hello

I couldn't take a picture of the earrings cos one side broke last night! Grrrrr....less than 12 hours in my possession too! So, I brought it back to the place earlier in the afternoon, and they will repair it for me, but it's gonna take up to 7 days. I'm fine with that, but they had better fix it good, if it breaks on me again, I will demand for my money back. It's a real pain too, to have to bring it back to the shop, and go back again to collect it when the repair is done. Oh well, as long as they do a good job!

Since I was out again today at the shopping centre, I decided to get some doggie tags for Banzai and Reuben. Banzai already had one, but he's had it since he was a puppy and it has been scratched pretty badly over the years, you can barely see his name on it anymore. Reuben didn't have one, so I thought I would just get new ones for both of them. I was looking around for some nice pet tags while I was out yesterday, but every place only had the ones like Banzai's old tag, which aren't of very good quality and that's why I think they scratch so easily, so I didn't bother to get any yesterday. Found a shop today that had some really nice ones, the tag itself felt much more solid, there's a picture in the front (I chose the ones with a dog kennel that was labelled 'Home') and the engraving is done on the back with their names and both of our phone numbers. I think they look really good, maybe I will try to sneak up on them while they're sleeping and take a picture. I should have done that before I put the tags on for the dogs, DOH! I'm definitely not bothered taking them off just for a photo, LOL.

I also took a few of my watches with me to have the batteries changed. After the guy had fixed them up and gave them back to me, I took one and just put it up to my ear to hear the tick. The guy then says to me, "Oh, you're not going to hear them tick". Okay, I understand that he's the watch guy and probably much more of an expert on the different kinds of watches and whatever else, but I have had these watches for a few years now, and I at least know my own watches, and I KNOW for certain that I can hear the watches tick, that's how I figured out that the batteries were dead in these in the first place (no second hands). Before the guy made the comment to me, I already heard the ticking noise, so I was feeling quite annoyed and I insisted that I can hear it. Then he goes, "Well, you must have REALLY good hearing then, cos these are quartz watches and they're not gonna tick." #1, I don't care for the sarcasm, and #2, I don't care what watches they are, if I can hear the bloody ticking sound, they are freaking ticking! And yeah, they're not as loud as Swatch watches, but they're hardly soft. So, I insist one more time and say that he can listen for himself if he doesn't believe me. He makes a half-hearted attempt, doesn't say anything and makes a face, and just tells me the amount I owe him. URGH! I know it's really trivial, and it's silly of me to be annoyed over something as small as this, but I really hate being spoken to like an idiot (WHEN I'M NOT!) and when I'm obviously right in this case. I know I will be bugging Terrence tonight to listen to all the watches for the ticking sounds just so that someone else knows that I am right, LOL. I'm so immature, aren't I? *grin*

Alrighty, I'm done with my bitching of the day, hee hee, so I will get off my soapbox now. I really should be folding laundry and doing some ironing, but I think I will do that after I watch some TV, stitch a bit and forget about the watch guy, LOL. Anyways, off I go, till the next post!

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