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The start of the week

Hmmm...I'm sad, no one has left me any comments!

Anyways, enough of my whinging! :p I just wanted to share how the start of my week has been. Monday wasn't super scary as I thought it would be, but still scary enough for me, LOL. It was comforting for me though, to hear that my manager/supervisor does have realistic expectations of me, so I don't have to be Superwoman from Day 1. However, I do know that I am expected to add value and contribute as much as I can, which of course is a goal of mine as well, so I'm hoping to cover as much ground as possible, to understand my job function, and start being useful ASAP! Monday was relatively slow for me, not that I don't have lots of things to do, but I had to do a lot of start-up stuff on the first day, like setting up my laptop, working round my way around the HP tools and so on.

Today was much busier for me, and already, my to-do list is piling up! LOL. My manager/supervisor would like me to meet with the other Business Development Managers (BDMs), just so that I can gain a better understanding of the HP's Technology Services portfolio, which in turn help me to better understand my own role within the team, and how I can contribute, add value and assist in the business development with my marketing skills. So yeah, I spent most of today setting up meetings with the various people, I met with a couple today, have some set up for the rest of the week, and next week, I will be flying up to Sydney to meet with the BDM leads who are based there. And at the end of all of this, I will need to do a presentation for my manager/supervisor and the rest of the team. WEEEEEEEEE, SCARY! LOL. Actually, I don't mind this so much, cos it's a specific goal I can work towards and I can see visible results at the end of it. My manager/supervisor did go through some of the job projects he would like me to take on, and while I can see that it will add to my learning experience and also allow for me to demonstrate my capabilities, I feel I won't be able to take on those responsibilities until I'm more comfortable with my job role. So yeah, at least with this little task, I can feel that I've achieved something during the early stages, and can help to fast-track my knowledge about the services portfolio.

There are still lots of things that I have to get done, some administration stuff like order my docking station, my screen to be connected to my laptop, my mobile phone and a new number with HP, an iPaq, and what have you. Unfortunately, the admin assistant is on leave, so I need to learn how to go through these processes! Which in a way is good I suppose, better to learn sooner than later! I will also need to book my flight to Sydney, organise accommodation, and MAYBE a corporate credit card, depends if it's easier to get that or claim back expenses, I really don't know what I should do! LOL. Oh, and of course, heaps of training that needs to be done online, which I had planned to do today, but somehow just never got time to get through. And all the material which I really need to spend some quality time to read through and understand them well. Corporate life is fun huh? Hee hee... *grin*

Anyways, I've gotta go now. I've been trying to sleep by 11 pm latest, so I'm gonna get cracking on some things before I head to bed. Please do drop in and say hello, I love reading comments, so if you've been here, don't be shy! Well, hope everyone will have a good week, Her Drama-ness will be back in Blogger Land at the end of the week. In the meantime, take care! *kisses*

Wow do you sound all grown up with that new job!!! I try to leave comments but sometimes AOheL doesn't accept my log in and it gets frustrating. But I'm really happy about all of your job stuff - you sound soooooooooooooooooooo official right now :-D

I am so excited for you! This sounds like a dream job. Just make sure of one thing ... that you get absolute direction on what they expect of you and then ENJOY the ride. I'm so happy for you. woo hoo. And I'm sick. Imagine how happy I'd be if I felt good! love ya, debbi

The CEO of HP in the US was canned - here's your chance to come to America and show them what you got!!!! LOL!
Seriously, good for you on the job and all the great stuff happening - me and my little office, I don't get those fancy schmancy things - hee hee...but I do get a bathroom key - HA!
Love ya!

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