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4 My Boys - Needle and Thread (Bitty Bud Kit)

Another finish for January! :) Definitely the last one for this month, after stitching on 3 exchange projects consecutively, I just wanted a quick one for me before I started full-time work, and I chose this one. I bought this kit sometime last year, but never took it out from its pretty wrapping. I opened it yesterday and started on it, and here is the finished result today! I'm really really really pleased with it, I love how this has turned out! I hated the fabric that was included in the kit, it was SO MUCH darker than the fabric used in the photo, and I think the design would have been lost in it. So, I chose my own pretty fabric, and I think it was a great decision on my part, LOL. I used hand-dyed fabric from Sugar Maple Fabrics, 'First Snow', which was included in a 2004 collaboration pack. There you go, my last finish of the month, and it's all for ME ME ME! *big grin* Posted by Hello

On other fronts, the big major event coming up for me is starting my first ever proper full-time job this Monday. WOOOOOO.....very excited, but I'm also feeling a bit of anxiety. It's like the first day of school, but a million times worse, LOL. I feel both prepared and unprepared; I've got all of my stuff ready, at this point it may just be clothes and accessories, but I think feeling and looking good will definitely add to my confidence, and I've been reading up as much as I can about the company and gathering other relevant information. At the same time, there's only so much I can know from external research, without actually being IN the company, I'm not going to know about the inner workings, and it's still difficult to know what to expect. Well, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that all will go well, and despite feeling a little nervous, I'm definitely looking forward to Monday (so strange to actually want Monday to come, hee hee) and I think the induction week at HP will be a great one.

I'm also looking forward to the Australian Open men's final on Sunday night. I was cheering Federer on and was really hoping to see him in the final, but I think the Safin-Hewitt match should still be a ripper. I'm sure most Aussies are feeling a surge of pride at the moment and Lleyton is going to have MASSIVE support, I wonder if the burden will become too heavy. Will see what happens on Sunday night. I know Terrence definitely wants Safin to crush Hewitt, cos he doesn't want an Australian to win, LOL. He's a big meanie! :p The women's final should also be one to watch, I hope it will be a thrilling one, as the semis have been. Anyways, that's it from me tonight, have a great weekend everyone!

I love your finish. I have this one too and yes, it's still in the package! Oh, I have to have it all ... why? Just to put in the pile to do of course! It's gorgeous and maybe I'll pull mine out soon. Again, have fun at work and make sure you let us all know how it goes. hugs, debbi

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