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Stitchy fingers

I STITCHED! I haven't stitched in AGES, my last finish was right before I started work, and since then, I have not picked up a needle at all. During the work week, I'm just too tired at night, and when the weekends come, I've had other stuff to take care of, like housework, errands and so on. Yesterday was more of the same, getting household chores done, with most of the day spent on ironing. After dinner, I was gonna get back to ironing, but I thought, stuff it, I'm exhausted, I've got a long weekend, I'm gonna have a relaxing evening and enjoy the night with stitching and TV. So yep, the end of that long story is, I picked a project and got started, woooo hoooo! I'm working on an exchange piece, I got to know this lady from the Cyberstitchers.com website, she does fabulous stitched envelopes, and when I left a comment saying how great they were, she offered to stitch one for me! So, I accepted her offer, but said I would stitch a piece for her in exchange, so we've got a little stitched exchange going on between us, which I think is really neat. She's happy with this arrangement, as she only receives stitched gifts from her best friend, so I think it's pretty cool to get stitched pieces from different people, and I'm really excited to get a stitched envelope! I've always been interested in this and it has always been fun to look at the various mail art on the web, and to actually get one, it will give me a chance to pore over it and perhaps learn a thing or two myself.

Well, that's it from me, I just wanted to post that I have stitched, hee hee. By the end of my extended weekend, I will probably share a progress picture, don't think I will be able to do much, but at least it's something! Alrighty, back to stitching, ironing and TV, LOL. Hope everyone's having a kick-ass weekend!

YEA!! I am so happy to hear you have managed to make time for stitching. I have also seen the progress pic and it is looking great.
Happy Stitching,

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