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Friday Post

Yay, it's Friday night, no long weekend this time, but hey, it's a weekend, I'll still take it, LOL. It has been a fairly intense work week, especially today, so it will be great to forget about work for a bit, although it will probably still weigh on my mind and give me weird dreams, heh.

First update, my little red car, is officially GONE. Terrence took the day off from work yesterday and organised for a wrecker to pick up my car from the service centre, and we got the grand sum of $100 for it. As pathetic as it sounds, it was the best offer we could find. Most wouldn't pay anything for the car, if not, it was an offer about $30-$40. So, we settled for the $100 (like it was a hard choice to make from the available options, hee hee) and I will also get a bit of money back from the cancellation of my registration and insurance early. I think if I were there, I would have probably started crying. Not because of the actual loss of car or money, but all the memories and experiences attached with the car. It was my first car, after we got the car, we probably explored so much more of Melbourne in that first few months than the first few years I was here, and just so much emotional attachment to it because of the memories. Terrence actually felt sad and heart-broken when he saw the car getting towed away, if I were there, I would probably be bawling away!

Second update, we're getting pretty close to a replacement car. Most likely we will be getting Terrence's friend's 2001 Toyata Echo. It's not red, it's white, and while it's not as small as my Mira, it's still a pretty small car and I should adapt to it pretty quickly. It's just getting all the necessary papers, get the loan signed off, go through the transaction, and we should be getting the car soon. I did have some issues with this deal initially. We had been thinking about getting a replacement car quite a while ago, this was probably decided slightly over a month ago. Back then, the Echo's registration was not up for renewal, but it was nearing. We had agreed to cover that cost, cos I mean, getting a long registration is a bonus, it could be luck that you buy a car with rego expiring in March 2006, but it's just too bad if the car that you want has rego expiring at the end of March 2005. Well, because the transaction never went through and was dragged on because Terrence's friend couldn't get a loan until now, he had to renew the registration if he wanted to keep driving on the road. However, he's still making us pay for the registration even though it isn't in our hands yet. I don't really have issues with the money, cos we had already been prepared to pay that sum, but I didn't like being forced into a corner like this, and it wasn't even a discussion, it was like, hey man, I'm doing blah blah, you've gotta pay this. That's why sometimes, I think it's probably not a good idea to buy cars from friends. Oh well, I didn't want to push the issue and ruin the frienship between Terrence and this guy, so we just gave in. I just can't wait for this to be over, so we can get the car and get this tension out of the way. Hopefully no other issues turn up!

Well, that's about it from me today. I was gonna blog about some more stuff, but I've kinda run out of steam for now, LOL. I will try to post the photo that Terrence took of my car on the tow truck with his mobile, either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. I've gotta get the photo out of my laptop and just feeling a little too lazy to do that at the moment, heh. Alrighty then, bye bye for now, and I'll be back sometime over the weekend!

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