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Another bad day

Hmmm...when things are bad, they just only get worse huh? I joined some secret stitching exchanges, which I mailed out ages ago (in January before I even started work), and just heard back from the organiser today that the last package I mailed out was never received. I can understand that it's upsetting, if I was on that end, I would get upset about it too. But I WOULD NOT point fingers and accuse someone of not only not mailing the piece, but NOT STITCHING the piece as well. Verify the facts before throwing accusations at people. I feel pretty upset about this, because I put a lot of effort into selecting a piece which I thought the other party would like, and I actually modified the piece to suit that particular person's tastes. And because this package was the last out of the 3 I signed up for, I had put in extra goodies for all 3, but made sure I put even more stuff into this last one. And the stuff that I picked, I made sure they were items the person would like, based on the little questionnaire we received with their information. And I don't know what more proof is needed, when I was finished with the piece, I posted on my blog, I let the organiser know with an attached picture, and I also posted on my online stitching albums, both Webshots and Cyberstitchers. There's no reason for me to send packages out to the other 2 ladies, but not to the 3rd, especially with this one, the piece I had stitched had the other person's name on it, why would I stitch it and then keep it, that's just dumb. If anyone contacted the other 2 ladies who were my partners, I am more than confident there would be nothing but glowing reviews about the work I stitched for them, plus all the extra stuff I had put together in the packages for them to make up for being late in sending out. Once I was done stitching, I was off to the post office and had the packages sent airmail (normal delivery time is 7-10 days), and our post office rule is that you can't send parcels/packages overseas without ID verification, so I have to produce my driver's licence every single time. If it's somewhere on the system, it's THERE. I don't know if the package can be tracked, good old airmail delivery has never failed and none of them has been lost, I've never had any issues and never needed to track any of my sent packages. If this was one of those rare unlucky times, I'm sorry, but the failure of the postal system is not in my hands, and yes, extremely upsetting, I'm sure I would be very very disappointed too, but don't accuse me of being dishonest without any facts and absolutely no basis for it.

Sorry, I just had to vent, there's absolutely no reason for me to defend myself, I know what I did do, the organiser also believes me, but I hate being accused of doing something so low when that's something I would NEVER do in a million years, and espcially after putting in all that effort and thought to create a stitching package that the other party would enjoy, only to get slapped in the face with something like this. Grrrrrr.....I hope the week shapes up to be better....

i enjoyed reading yer rant. sounds like we are twins in a way! and i enjoyed much of your blog..well..a few entries or so. nice blog. keep up the good work.

by the way..if you visit mine, please please please, post a pin in the guestmap and comment.
thanks! :)

Leeney - something's up with the mails these days. Everything seems to go missing. I think I remember this ... sorry that it got lost. hugs, debbi

thanks debbi...i'm sorry it got lost too, i had enjoyed stitching the piece and putting the package together, and i would have loved for the other party to receive it, but like i said, i have no control over the postal system, and it's just as upsetting for me to find out that my hard work/money spent on goodies are lost somewhere out there, and not getting to the receiver to be enjoyed. on top of that, to be accused like that without even finding out the whole story, that was just hurtful. everything's on the web, the post with that particular finish is still in my blog archives, i have the pictures in both of my online stitching albums with the date. anyways, off my soapbox, it's back to work tomorrow, gonna try to enjoy the rest of my long weekend, i hope i can wake up and get to work! lol. take care, and talk soon!

eileen :)

I miss you. Hope things are going better ... hugs, debbi

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