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My poor baby :(

Banzai was acting funny last night, usually he's always so hyper and excited, and would be jumping up and down when Terrence and I get home, but he was a little subdued and not his usual exuberant self. He also seemed exceptionally cranky, if you would try to move him off the couch or just budged him a little, he would start whining, and it sounded almost like he was in pain. He also wouldn't play with Reuben (they usually get into a friendly scuffle when we get home), he would run off and hide under my table or chair. We did think initially that he may have just been in a bad mood, but he was whining all the time and I was getting really worried. It was also hard for us to tell if he was really hurt, cos we sorta did a little check-up ourselves, not that we knew what to do, but we were just kinda pressing bits to see if he was hurting and he wouldn't have any reaction, but if you would move him, he would start whining, like as though he was in pain. He also couldn't jump very well, which is something he does all the time. So, we let him rest for the night, and if he were still like that in the morning, it would be off to the vet immediately. The situation didn't change this morning, so I made an appointment with the vet, luckily there was a cancellation and he could fit us in for an afternoon slot. Turns out that Banzai has a sore "back", he's either twisted or sprained it, not sure how it happened, the vet said it could be from playing or during an attempt at an acrobatic stunt, either way, he just needs lots of rest and he should be alright in a week. So, Banzai got a shot, some tablets to take for a week, and then another check next Saturday to make sure he's okay, and he should be back to normal. I'm glad he's gonna be alright, but I definitely don't like seeing him in pain, especially when he makes those noises :( Just have to make sure that Reuben will be gentle with him during this period and Banzai should get well in no time!

Sorry to hear that your pup isn't feeling well, but so happy to hear that he will be alright. Give him a gentle hug from me.
Happy stitching,

Oh no! A hurt baby! Give him big hugs and lots of love. Glad it's nothing more serious. Maybe you need one of those spy cams to see what the heck those kids of yours are doing when you're not home - LOL. hugs, debbi

LOL. would u believe it, i DO spy on them (i call it monitoring, hee hee). terrence sets up the webcam, focused on the couch area, and it doesnt stream a continuous video, but the page refreshes every 30 seconds and i can kinda get an idea of what they're up to. unfortunately once they move out of that area, i have no idea what they're doing! although, most of the time, they're both just sleeping on the couch, which is exactly the thing i want to see. maybe they know about the camera and have been wandering to other parts of the house to do their naughty deeds! LOL.

Hi Eileen,

I'm sorry about your pup! We also have had a webcam up at times. Now not so much, but we used to enjoy watching them on our computers at work. Though they mainly slept, LOL!

Sorry to hear about Banzai. If you keep them seperate while you can't watch them it will help out Banzai's recovery. It will prevent him from trying any stunts to show out Reuben hehe. Hope he feels better (((Banzai)))

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